Featured Five: June Edition of Inspiring Bloggers

The second Monday in June is here, which means my first Featured Five blog has arrived!

Each month, I will be dedicating a post to five bloggers who inspire me and share my love of parenting & motherhood.

Please welcome these blogging rock stars who have inspired me this month!

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Angela – Natural Born Mommy –BW-Angela-and-daughter-image-2

Angela is a wife and stay-at-home mommy to a beautiful little girl. Prior to becoming a mom, she worked as a child mental health therapist.

Her blog, Natural Born Mommy, focuses on teaching mommies like you about parenting strategies and mental health.

When she is not chasing around after her toddler, she also enjoys writing about all things motherhood-related.

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As a child and adolescent therapist, I found that so many parents were struggling with their kids being “obsessed” with screens, whether they were tablets, phones, video games, television, or some other electronic device.

Many parents reported that their kids would display various problematic behaviors whenever it was time to give up their devices.

These parents would say that they had no idea how to reward their children’s good behaviors because screen time was the only thing that motivated their children.

I share with you some behavioral strategies that you can use to deal with these issues and to curb your child’s screen time obsession.

Child Therapist Secrets to Curbing Your Child’s Screen Time Obsessionscreen time natural born mommy featured five -tickled scarlett blog


Jessica – Mrs. Pennington for Your Thoughts –


Hey there! It’s Jessica, or as my favorite small people call me, Mrs. Pennington! I am the owner of the Mrs. Pennington for Your Thoughts blog.

I’m also a mom to two busy boys, wife to an incredibly patient (and handsome) husband, a third grade teacher, and an endometriosis fighter!

At my blog, you’ll read about all of those things that are near and dear to my heart, and how I try to live our happy chaotic life to the fullest in the healthiest way possible!

Did I mention I might be a bit crunchy as well? If it can be done naturally—that’s how we’re doing it in the Pennington casa! #wannabehippie. This brings me to the post that I’m sharing today!

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If you have kiddos who are in school, you likely know all about that dreaded four letter word: T-E-S-T. As a mom and a teacher let me just say—I despise standardized tests as much as the kids!

Unfortunately, though, I think they’re here to stay. While I can’t wave a magic want to take the worry away, I do have a little something that just might help!

Check out this post to get the secret! XoXo Jessica

Why We Love Essential Oils Part 2: Max’s Mix



Jenn – This Mommy Is Real


Jenn is the author behind thismommyisreal.com. She is a first-time mother living in California.  She is recovering from postpartum depression and anxiety, which she blogs about, as well as loss (identity, miscarriage, parents).

One of the reasons she started her blog was that it became therapeutic to write about her experiences. Her candidness about these subjects are giving light to others and giving a voice to those who suffer silently.

this mommy is real

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Her blog post, “Part-time Mommy”, shows the conflicting feelings during her transition back to full-time work.

Sometimes, it’s not easy for others to grasp how difficult this change is for mothers. This is especially true for mothers who have experienced PPD and PPA.

Part-time Mommy


 Evelyn Mann – Miracle Mann –

evelyn mann miracle mann featured five tickled scarlett blog

Evelyn Mann is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Tampa, Florida raising her special needs son, aka,  “Miracle Mann.”

She has been featured on WFLA Channel 8, Fox35 Orlando, Inspirational Radio and the Christian Television Network. She is a contributor to both Tampa Bay Mom’s Blog and the online community, The Mighty.

Her Miracle Mann blog sharing her journey as a special needs mother has received 2 million hits.

Her son is one of eleven survivors worldwide living with Thanatophoric Dwarfism.

miracle in my living room

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Did you know the average child gets 6 – 12 colds per year? In today’s blog post you’ll meet a mother who shares 8 Tips to keep her son healthy. Her son has no more than one or two colds per year.

Though colds are considered nothing serious for most, Evelyn’s son has a diagnosis for which a cold can be life threatening.

Evelyn shares a recent experience reminding her how a cold can impact her medically fragile son.

Her story is a reminder for how many medically fragile children, a “simple” cold can be serious and in some cases, require hospitalization.

Whether you are mother of a special needs child or a mom who has active, hearty children, hopefully, some of these tips can help your kids stay healthy.

A Little Cold Turns Dire


Lisa & Heather – Made In A Pinch –

lisa & heather

Lisa and Heather are North Carolina natives who were college roommates at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.  Following college we went our separate ways with Heather moving to the wilds of Colorado (not really, but it sounds so “wild west”) and Lisa laying down adult roots in North Carolina.

We have stayed in touch sporadically over the years, but now that we both are married with kids, we wanted to stay in touch on a consistent basis.

We wanted to share what we learned about parenting, relationships, and life on a deeper level. Thus, the idea for Made In A Pinch was born!

MadeInAPinch.com is your go-to site for keeping life healthy, happy and affordable!  Here you will find delicious recipes, tips for more simple and affordable living and so much more.


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Do you know how much you spend on groceries every month?  If not, the number may shock you.

With middle class families spending roughly 12-30% of their household income on food, food falls into one of the largest categories for spending on a monthly basis.

Saving money on grocery store trips is a great way to give your budget a break!

Here is one part of a series on how to save REAL money on groceries by doing a few simple and practical things.

Check out these 6 tips to help you save money on your very next trip to the grocery store!


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