20 Candy Free Trick or Treat Ideas for Halloween

20 Candy Free Ideas for Halloween- Tickled Scarlett Blog

With Halloween right around the corner, it is time to start preparing for trick or treaters!

I can personally speak to the candy craze because growing up, Halloween was all about how much candy you could get and how long you could make it last. Looking back at it now, I wish I would have saved my teeth from those sugary dangerous treats…thank goodness for baby teeth 😉

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Now that I am an adult, I have gone a different route as far as trick-or-treating goodies are concerned. I have a nephew who has a peanut allergy, so I have made it a point to have items that are safe for all kids so everyone can enjoy the evening’s festivities. At Scarlett’s age, we still aren’t going out for hours, but this year, we can’t wait to get out and about for a bit! That means we will have to have some treats ready to go.

My husband likes to incorporate our likes and activities into our trick or treat bowl. For instance, we handed out about a dozen mini disc golf discs, which is one of his favorite hobbies. Such a fun way to spread the sport!

What other ideas are there besides candy?

Here is my list of 20 candy free trick or treat ideas for the little ones this Halloween!

Candy Free Ideas for Halloween - Tickled Scarlett


Bouncy Balls





Nail Polish

Glow Sticks

Mini Plastic Animals

Mini Disc Golf Discs


Slap Bracelets

Temporary Tattoos

Spider Rings

Safety Whistles

Silly String



Erasers or Pencil Toppers

Toothbrush & Paste

Candy Free Ideas for Halloween - Tickled Scarlett 2

Happy Halloween and I cannot wait to see everyone’s costumes…stay safe!

Take Care,

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  • Marsha Hays

    Thanks, Katie! We don’t really Trick or Treat, but still dress up and get so much candy from fall festivals and other events that I hate to give out more candy, knowing other parents probably don’t like it any more than I do. These are great alternatives to give that kids will enjoy for longer than candy!

    • Thank you Marsha for reading! I can;t wait to our little one is in school and we get to go to Harvest Festivals…enjoy the beautiful season!

  • This is just such a great list and really takes the emphasis off food and puts it onto other fun stuff that all kids appreciate.

    • I completely agree Nicole! Thank you for reading and hoping the little ones like the different treats we will have 🙂

  • Yza Relativo Pillone

    Great and fun idea! I really don’t like my kids eating candy and chocolates.

    • They can collect so much candy it is crazy! I hope they get some other alternatives besides that. Have fun!

  • Denise Ingabire-Smith

    oh wow these look so yummy, thanks for sharing.

  • Monica Stephens

    Great suggestions! I’m sure any kid would love to find a toy in their trick or treat bucket. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank YOU Monica for reading! Yes I love giving little items that they just love.

  • Meagan Emmons

    We are doing a basket for candy because my mom thinks it needs to be about the candy for Halloween but for the kids that don’t want or can’t have the candy, I have gotten stickers and pencils and now I just need to find a teal pumpkin to set out so everyone feels included.

    • Sounds like a great plan! Yes…need to get a teal pumpkin too.

  • Natalie Aubele

    How fun ! Some of these I would have loved to get trick or treating as a kid !

    • Who wouldn’t want something fun versus all that candy?!

  • Candice

    My favourite is when my kids get water while trick or treating because it’s a great way to hydrate them through out the night!!

    • That is such a GREAT idea! Little waters would be perfect.

  • I’m all about the alternatives! There are some great suggestions on here. My biggest concern is always the chocking hazards. Even if your kids are “of age” for bouncy balls and mini erasers, they might have babies at home that aren’t.

    • Yes! Definitely consider which option works best for your family when picking out treats 🙂