2018 New Year’s Resolution: Be Present, Be Organized, Be Human

Happy New Year!

Every year, people create their New Year’s resolution. These motivating affirmations help us start off the year with a fresh outlook & give us that extra push to reach our goals.

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I can say I have never created a resolution. It’s too tough for me to select one aspect of my life that needs improvement. From eating healthy to going to bed earlier, I could make a short list of resolutions I would love to conquer!

This year, I felt it was more important than ever to have some type of goal list or set of resolutions that I wanted to conquer.

When this list was created, I ultimately had my husband Matt & daughter Scarlett in mind. My world revolves them & our ultimate happiness.

Here’s to making your 2018 Resolutions happen!


52 people in 52 weeks!

Once a week, we will make it a priority to see a family member, a friend, a new friend or an old one. There are so many people in our lives that we can easily see weekly & there is no reason not to.

Life is too short not to!

2018 Resolutions Tickled Scarlett Blog

People say they wish they could see each other more often. Why not make it a priority to see loved ones more often this year?


Since our Christmas tree decided to take a tumble the day after Christmas, (thank goodness it wasn’t on Christmas when it did that) we put away our decorations a bit earlier than expected. Thankfully nothing broke, but it did end up kick-starting our holiday cleanup routine.

2018 Resolution Tickled Scarlett Blog

Right after Thanksgiving & as we brought out the holiday decor, we started to purge around the house. I have come to realize if an item has not been touched in the last 6 months, its time to part with it. As we started to put all this stuff away, more items made it towards the donate pile.

Time to get organized this year!


When I started this blog, I had a lot of hesitations, especially when you look thorugh Instagram accounts and check out other high profile bloggers. I had to realize, they aren’t ME! My family, my story and what I offer to others can only come from one person, me.

There is no need to sugar coat, fix things or make our life look any different than it is on my blog. This is our life, no matter the clutter or cleanliness. If people want to get to know me, I am real, optimistic and a good listener. I love helping others & learning something new.

Being human to me this year means no more perfectionism & no more judgment.

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What is your 2018 New Years Resolution?

Make it your own & there will be no reason it can’t be obtained.

Take Care,

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