3 Baby Products That Are Growing With Us

We have made it a point this summer to get out & about with our toddler, especially since the weather is perfect & she is very active.

With busy days & a growing girl, it amazes me how fast 22 months goes by.

Just last summer, she was drinking bottles on the regular, crawling like a seal & fitting into 9 month clothes. Now, you can barely keep up with her, she has a million things to say & she cannot get enough of “outside” time.

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Scarlett on the Go 3 Products Growing With Us Tickled Scarlett

As I cross things off of our summer activity list, its crazy to think off all the things we use to use or have to bring with us when Scarlett was little. As our little ones grow, their needs change & many things, from clothing to toys, are outgrown fast.

Our diaper bag has become less & less bulky over the months since she doesn’t have to have as many items as before & packing for day trips are much easier.

We do not plan on having another little so we have practically given away all our baby gear. As first time parents, you try a lot of new things & learn very quickly that not everything works.

Luckily, it is incredibly easy these days to research & find items that are of good quality & that will grow with you & your family.

Products 3 Products Growing With Us Tickled Scarlett Blog

I can think of a dozen or so baby products we have been using with Scarlett since she was a baby. There are many items out there & I am excited to hear about your favorite products that have grown with you!

These are the three products that are growing with us & that we continue to fall in love with everyday.

Here are our three baby products that are growing with us!

3 Baby Products Growing With Us Tickled Scarlett Blog

LILLEbaby Carriers -Airflow & All Seasons

I had heard of babywearing while I was pregnant and decided to do some research on wraps & soft-structured carriers. There are many options out there to choose from, so I wanted to be educated on what was available.

Safety, finding something with longevity & something that both Matt & I could use where the most important factors to us.

Through social media and old friendships, Matt connected me with a local mom who at the time, had a baby boutique out of her home (I now work for her at her boutique). She was kind enough to invite me over to allow me to try a Happy Wrap & the beautiful LILLEbaby carrier.

I was 7 months pregnant so trying on was a bit tough, but I was sold on both of them. Once we had Scarlett, we were carrying her from day one.

I had no idea how much babywearing would change me.

The closeness & the bond created has been like no other & being hands-free has allowed me my freedom to do everyday tasks as well, while enjoying them with her.

I was incredibly lucky to be able to have someone show me how to use it & to show me options that could work for us. I wrote a blog post 3 Things to Know About Baby Carriers: Babywearing Essentials. In the post, I share the importance of finding the best carrier for you & your family & ways to do so.

By far, my soft structured carrier has been my favorite. The LILLEbaby carry allows you to carry your little one safely, without an insert, starting at 7 pounds & goes all the way to 45 pounds. My first carrier, and still my favorite, is the Complete Airflow.

airflow lillebaby 3 baby producs growing with us

With the all mesh panel, it is extremely breathable & you both stay cool in warmer months. Even during the winter, I rarely ever have had to layer us, as we both usually have a coat or sweater on anyways.

This is were the All Seasons carrier comes into play.

babywearing outdoors 3 things to know about baby carriers

My husband gifted me a LILLEbaby All Seasons carrier for Christmas the year Scarlett was born. I am still in love with it, especially the color.

It has the exact same structure as the Airflow, except it has an all over canvas panel with a zip down element right on the front. This exposes a panel of mesh so you have some breathability similar to the Airflow.

Lillebaby All Seasons Front Carry Tickled Scarlett Blog

I still use my carrier with Scarlett at 22 months & will continue to use one long into her toddler years. It is about time to upgrade to one of their many CarryOn options, which is a larger carrier for toddlers.

We had borrowed one to try on a recent hike & what a difference it makes! I tried it with my nephew as well & he loved it.

lillebaby with scarlett toddler 3 things to know about baby carriers tickled scarlett

Diaper Bag- Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F

I do have to admit, we had a different, very sad diaper bag for the first two months after Scarlett was born. It stained, ripped & the structure was just not what we were looking for. Just like a baby carrier, finding a good diaper bag for you is important.

I did my research a bit late, but I found out that there were a few quality & reputable diaper bag companies out there. This is when I stumbled upon Ju-Ju-Be.

JuJuBe BFF Bag Tickled Scarlett Blog

Ju-Ju-Be offers a variety of bags & on-the-go accessories for any family looking for style, quality & versatility. They have something for everyone from tote style bags to small purse sets. There is something for everyone.

I wanted a bag that wasn’t too big that offered a bit of everything & I found that in the Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F.

There are a lot of details that attracted me to this bag. You could tell a lot of attention went into detailing the bag, from the backpack & over the shoulder styling to the storage pockets.

No matter what you pack in this bag, you can always find it.

jujube bff 3 baby products that are growing with us

I love wearing the bag backpack style as it really allows you to get around. We keep the extra strap in the car just in case my husband wants to use the bag.

They are also machine washable so if you needed to, it can be tossed right in. They come out looking brand new. Plus, extra bonus, they have a lifetime warranty.

JuJuBe Bag at the park Tickled Scarlett Blog

Amber Teething Necklace- Momma Goose

We had received this Momma Goose necklace as a Christmas Gift the year Scarlett was born. This was one of the gifts as we had asked for and really wanted for her since I had heard such great things about them.

Amber Teething Necklaces are a natural form of pain relief for little ones during teething. The amber beads are a tree resin that has analgesic properties & when worn close to the area of pain, our bodies heat the resin and it provides the anti-inflammatory properties to the wearer.

7 Months Amber Teething Necklace Tickled Scarlett Blog

Thank goodness we got one because not even a month later, right around when she turned four months old, teething came on full force. It first started with slobbering constantly, chewing on everything & then her two teeth came in at 6 months. She wore her necklace every day up until her 1st birthday. By then, she had 8 teeth!

Every child is different and it is important to try these on your little so that it is the correct. Working at the boutique, we have someone looking for one daily & asking how/if they work. I personally know three littles that have used them on the regular.

It makes a huge difference in their overall pain during teething, as well as during the tough molar stages once they hit toddler years.

This is where we are at now. We haven’t had her wearing the necklace much since no new teeth were coming in, but there seemed to be something going on.

Scarlett just turned 22 months old & we noticed her temperament & mood had changed the last month. Sure enough, two huge molars were popping half way through in the back of her jaw. OW! Wish us luck.

Do you have some products that have grown with you & your little ones? I love anything that makes parenting just a bit easier.

Take Care,

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