3 Things to Know About Baby Carriers: Babywearing Essentials

When looking & shopping for baby carriers, there are many styles to choose from. What carrier works best is different for each & every parent. All of them are unique in their own way & it is important to shop around. Just like a pair of jeans, every style & size are different because not one type or brand works for everyone. I have learned so much from babywearing & I have a few essential tips about finding one that is best for your family.

Babywearing should always be fun, comfortable & something to look forward to!
3 Things to Know about Baby Carriers: Babywearing Essentials for Parents & Caregivers

Find the carrier that is best for you.

Babywearing is the art of wearing your little one “hands-free” with the assistance of a carrier, such as a sling, soft structured carrier or wrap during daily activities & it assists in the bonding experience between baby & caregiver. It allows you to accomplish your everyday tasks, while having them right there with you during your every movement.

You can stay nice and close & as they grow, it gives you both the freedom to explore together.

There are many resources available for you & your family to find the best carrier for you. I am often asked what carrier is the best one out there. Babywearing International answers this question perfectly.

There is no “best” baby carrier, only one that is best for you *1 Babywearing International.

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If you have ever looked or researched for a carrier, you already know the wide variety of styles that are on the market. Every child is unique in their own way & the same goes for baby carriers & wearing. There are many different options to make it comfortable for all involved. One way to find the best fit for you is to try on the carriers before use.

From ring slings to soft structured carriers, it’s worth wearing baby!

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Our boutique offers fittings & allows you to try on a handful of different styles & brands. We love educating others on babywearing because many come in with other ideas. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard parents say how uncomfortable babywearing is. It should never be & we want parents to be able to see carriers, try them & figure out what is best for them.

Visit our store in West Linn, Oregon or at www.cuteasabuttonbabyboutique.com for any questions about baby carriers.

Many cities have local babywearing groups with parents who wear their littles ones. They will have certified educators who are always there to educate & assist with carriers. Look for local babywearing coalition, group or a lending library to try on carriers.

Ask friends for advice & see what they have used for their little ones. Try the carriers on with dolls or your dog!

When worn properly, a carrier should always be comfortable for baby & the wearer.

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Practice Makes Perfect.

Practice, practice, practice. Read the manual numerous times, watch videos, join babywearing groups for questions & try it different ways if you can’t to get the right fit. It may take handful of times & adjustments to get it perfect, but once the fit is there, it makes a huge difference in the overall comfort and wearability.

Just last week, we went hiking at Tryon Creek Park in Portland, and the LILLEbaby Carryon was a lifesaver! Read about our adventures on my last blog post, “Weekend Events & Activities in the Pacific Northwest”.

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It took me a handful of times to wrap our Happy Wrap just right, but it became a breeze overtime. With a LILLEbaby, once you have your straps the way you want it, you can set them, tie them back and never need to adjust them again. Unless the husband borrows it, which in that case, is an excuse to get two carriers in the end!

What will it be used for? Anything and everything from cuddle time to out & about. Many accomplish breastfeeding in their carriers, while others use them to enjoy the outdoors!

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Helps nurture & create long-lasting relationships.

The bond that you create with your little one from birth is essential for their development & has everlasting effects on their relationships with others in their life. When they are first born, holding them close is not only natural, but necessary for their physical needs.

While responding to their needs and cues, you are building trust & developing a life-long attachment with them. “This sets the stage for the growing child to enter healthy relationships with other people throughout life and to appropriately experience and express a full range of emotions.” *3 The Importance of Infant Bonding.

Babywearing gives you the ability to bond even closer. Being able to hold my little one close with the assistance of a carrier from the beginning was such a special experience I would never exchange for anything.

The closeness you can create from birth all the way through toddler years is priceless.

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I love being able to share my love & passion for babywearing with other babywearing families & caregivers because I believe it is so important to find the carrier that best fits the family. I have been able to show my own family members & friends the benefits of baby carriers and how amazing they can be.

Do you enjoy babywearing as much as we do? What style of carrier do you like? If you haven’t tried, I would be happy to help you find the best carrier for you! Enjoy and snuggle those little ones close.

Take Care,

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  • Matthew A. Bressler

    Even I like to baby carry! Although my lower back doesn’t like it as well!

    • Yes even Dads! We have to show you how to back carry now 😃💙💚

  • nkbrokaw88

    Love babywearing! It is such a lifesaver! Sometimes it’s the only way to get the LO down for a nap. And stops random strangers from touching her at the grocery store! Love your article!

    • Thank you for the read! Yes helps keep the random strangers from touching and let’s them just give smiles instead!

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