31 Moments I Won’t Forget: Happy Birthday Husband

September is a busy month with the changing of the seasons, a ton of birthdays & lots of memorable moments. Scarlett, my husband Matt and my brother in law all have birthdays within a two-week period.

Since having our little one, my husband has said that his birthday doesn’t matter at this point. I would never let this happen as celebrating birthdays are one the most important days in someone’s life. It is only one day of the whole year so you bet I won’t let that go!

It may not mean much to him anymore, but celebrating him & thanking him for all he does is what it is about.

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I will be sharing later this week a few unique & fun gift ideas for the hubby, but since we are just shy of a few days from his birthday, I wanted to write some of my favorite memories in hopes that he will enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.

31 Moments To Never Forget

  1. Meeting you for the first time & playing baseball
  2. Stumbling into one another years later
  3. Our first date at Silver Falls State Park
  4. Being together on 4th of July
  5. Making if official the summer of ’06
  6. Adopting our crazy Bengal cat
  7. Visting my sister & brother in law in Seattle
  8. Learning to love & lose a family pet
  9. Our whitewater rafting trip in Bend with family
  10. Being a part of your Mom’s wedding day
  11. Starting, struggling & completing college by my side
  12. Being apart of my sister’s wedding daySister's Wedding 31 Moments Tickled Scarlett blog
  13. Working together at The Allison
  14. Welcoming our nephew Joseph into the world
  15. Juggling different jobs & schedules, but always figuring it out
  16. Your pumpkin patch proposal
  17. Our wedding day & Mexico honeymoon that we will never forgetWedding Day 31 Moments Tickled Scarlett Blog
  18. Finding out we were having a little one
  19. Our babymoon trip to the beach
  20. Finding out we are having a girl, as well as finding out she has a heart defect
  21. Date night at Portland City Grill and then attending Wicked
  22. Taking you to the Japanese and Rose Garden in Portland for the first time
  23. Our coed baby shower with family & friends
  24. The birth of our child & learning the in’s & out’s of parenting together31 Moments Birthday I Won't Forget Scarlett - Tickled Scarlett Blog
  25. Our pumpkin patch family photo shoot
  26. Scarlett’s cardiology appointments & no planned surgery at this time
  27. Welcoming our nephew Alexander into the world
  28. Scarlett’s first birthday party at Nana & Papa’s
  29. Going to our first baseball games as a family
  30. Attending Cirque de Soleil together
  31. Scarlett’s pool party second birthdayLetters To You Tickled Scarlett Blog

I cannot wait to share another 31+ moments with you my handsome!

Happy Birthday!

Take a moment, whether it is for a special occasion or not, to write down some memorable moments to your partner. It can make their day.

Take Care,

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