35 People In Your Life You Should See This Year

2018 is about being present.

Seeing family, friends & people close to us is our New Year’s resolution that we are looking forward to fulfilling. Why not make it your priority this year to see the loved ones in your life?

35 People In Your Life You Should See This Year- Tickled Scarlett

35 People In Your Life You Should See This Year

We are two weeks into January & we have stayed true to our resolution. Making time for others is important. Being with them fills my heart. Quality time is my main love language.

The weeks and weekdays drift by so fast that making plans ahead of time & loosely helps. Having a toddler means plans can never be set in stone & everyday revolves around nap time. Think accordingly when making time to see people.

I hope this list inspires you to reach out to loved ones, old friends, new friends or just someone you haven’t talked to in years. We all know that social media makes it possible to find them, so reach out! Make it a point to see one another, not just text or chat on the phone. If distance is an issue, FaceTime or Skype make all the difference!

Here is a list to get you started on being present, being in the moment & being with loved ones more in 2018!

35 People In Your Life You Should See This Year

Great Parents (if you are lucky!)

35 People In Your Life You Should See This Year

Second Cousins
Step Brother
Step Sister
The In-Laws
Best Friend
Close Friend from High School
Best Guy/Girl Friend Growing Up35 People to See This Year Tickled Scarlett

Neighborhood Friend
Favorite Teacher
Sports Coach
Former Boss (if you left on a good note)
Youth Group Leader
Old Music Teacher
Best Man from Your Wedding35 People To See This Year Tickled Scarlett

Maid of Honor from Your Wedding
College Roommate
Fraternity Brother/Sister
Vacation Buddy
Kid’s Teacher
Kid’s Best Friend’s Family
Partner’s Best Friend & Family
Old Co-Worker

Who would you love to see in 2018?

Make it a point this year to be more present & see people that matter to you.

Take Care,

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