5 Helpful Christmas Gifts for a Toddler’s Room

With so many toys in the house, coming up with Christmas gift ideas for a toddler can be challenging. Toys take up quite a bit of room & what little one doesn’t already have a dozen of them? With space in mind, look for gifts this holiday that upgrade their special area, their bedroom!

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5 Helpful Christmas Gifts for a Toddler's Bedroom- Tickled Scarlett

Plus, these ideas will give you major points with any toddler parent friend.

When we were asked what Scarlett wanted for Christmas, clothes & shoes were #1. Toddlers grow so fast, but besides those essentials, what else?

Here are 5 additional gifts we knew would be incredibly helpful for us & would be a perfect addition to any little one’s room.

5 Helpful Christmas Gifts for a Toddler's Room- Tickled Scarlett Blog Header

Shift Shade

A blackout shade is essential to keeping rooms completely black. Not only does it help keep the room dark, it helps keep sound out! What family of a toddler wouldn’t love to have complete blackness for nap time?

Little One’s Pillow

Just recently did we introduce a pillow to Scarlett & she loved it! We have a pretty solid sleep routine so we were a bit skeptical to introduce one, but it is working for us. An upgrade would be a perfect gift for Christmas.

This is 100% up to the PARENTS if they want their little on using a pillow, so do check with them if you purchasing for another family.

Space Heater

Keep any space warm this holiday with a space heater. Scarlett’s heater is in a terrible spot in her room so a space heater is super helpful when needed. Just like her current pillow, her space heater is in major need of an upgrade!

From more sleep to a cozier space, give the gift of warmth this Christmas.

Melissa & Doug Floor Puzzle

A floor puzzle is a perfect gift for any age group, especially a toddler. Melissa & Doug make beautiful wood toys & have everything from latch puzzles to fun play food. I am always gifting an item from their collection during Christmas time.

Essential Oils

Help ease your little one to sleep with the natural power of essential oils. Their ability to heal, as well as lull anyone to sleep will help a restless parent any day. There are many brands & storefronts that sell them, especially online, so be sure to do research to find the best.

What gift ideas do you have for your little ones?

These bedroom Christmas presents are just a few ideas to get you started & I cannot wait to hear about your inspirations.

Take Care,

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