5 Unique Styles of Baby Books You Will Want to Have

I love baby books. The aesthetics, details & the fun of putting all the little memories in them. Baby books have come a long way from when I was a kid.  They have so many varieties & styles for every soon-to-be parent now.

You can complete books, journals, calendars, and there are even digital versions available. It can seem like an overwhelming task to take on a baby book. It is well worth it in the end.

I have found so much joy in completing each one of these knowing that Scarlett, Matt & I can continue looking back at each book forever.

A few months after I found out that I was pregnant, we were shopping around downtown Newberg & stopped in a small boutique gift shop. I spotted a small area with gift books & noticed this cute book called Expecting You: A Pregnancy Journal by Amelia Rieder, published by Compendium Inc.

This journal allows you to document from day one all your feelings, excitements, worries & experiences during pregnancy in a beautiful book. It’s elegant text & inspiring quotes are so sentimental & there will be no way you can complete this book without many laughs & tears.compendium expecting you book tickled scarlett

It is a nice keepsake that I will be able to give to Scarlett to show her what a special journey we had together before she was born.

compendium expecting you book tickled scarlett 2

I work at a baby boutique & we just started carrying this book! I love recommending it to new mom’s & it is a great gift idea for their expecting girlfriends. A woman came in & mentioned that she had just found out that she was going to be Grandma.

She got the book for her daughter for Christmas. It’s also gender neutral so need to worry about choosing a color or what not.

This next idea is one I received as a gift from my sweet Mother-in-Law Laurie. This Made with Love Calendar was designed by Cathy Heck, in partnership with C.R. Gibson.

They have over a dozen styles to choose from.  I found out that this company created the very first baby book, so I knew the quality & styling would be second to none. The calendar also includes a sheet of baby milestone stickers so it is fun & easy to record all the big firsts.

My little side tip: snap a photo of your monthly calendar and add it to your baby’s!

Play dates, outings & appointments that the first year are dates that are just as important as birthdays & holidays.

hello world baby calendar tickled scarlett

I have a hard time deciding if I enjoyed the calendar more than Scarlett’s actual baby book. The calendar allowed me to add a lot of elements & personal details. We had it hanging up right in our dining room area so it was always visible.

The ability to fill in more than just the basics makes the calendar a great option other than a baby book.

We took the calendar to Scarlett’s first birthday party. Everyone really enjoyed being able to look at all her moments over the year from birth to 12 months!

hellow world baby calendar tickled scarlett 2

I had spotted Scarlett’s baby book while strolling through Walmart. At that point in my pregnancy, strolling the baby aisles at any store was a must. Not exactly where I thought I would find a baby book, but the moment I saw the cute details, slim design & the price, I said why not give it a try!

hellow world baby calendar tickled scarlett

This book is more than I expected! The book is Child of Mine Baby’s First Memory Book by Carter’s. It has easy fill-ins & memories that you wouldn’t think about jotting down. Plus, it has pages to fill in their next five birthdays, making it more than just a baby book.

A baby book is more than just a book. It’s a collection of milestones that you get to look back on together as a family for years to come.

baby book tickled scarlett

We keep all of Scarlett’s baby books right next to her other books. She pulls them out & likes to sit with us while reading them. She loves to look at all the pictures. Since this one has more delicate elements, we have her sit with us when looking. This baby book is a bit tough to find now as they have made some new versions.

I had found this next memory book to be unique & it can be used in an addition to your baby’s first-year book. I purchased this one in a gift shop at a local spa. It is called Letters to You by Miriam Hathaway, published by Compendium Inc.

letters to you compendium book tickled scarlett

Inside is a keepsake book full of questions, prompts & fun ways to document each year with your little one. Starting at one all the way to 18, each year has new messages & moments you can capture. I have filled out the first year & it is quite difficult to wrap it all up into a few pages!

Documenting the years, one by one, at a special time each year, is my time to reflect on Scarlett’s year, as well as my growth as her mom.

letters to you compendium tickled scarlett

The fun part is you can enjoy it together throughout the years or wait to gift it to them at graduation. It would be fun to give it to them as a wedding gift as well.

The cover on the book has a soft, but textured feel with classic colors & details. Like the other Compendium book, it is gender neutral & beautifully done.

For Scarlett’s first birthday, I decided to compile her first year with this classic baby photo album. My Grandma bought this for us as a baby shower gift & was too cute not to use. The cover has an interesting addition to it. It had a small emblem that continued to fall off so I replaced it with a piece of Scarlett’s artwork from school. It turned out well!

baby picture book tickled scarlett

I printed pictures & picked them up at my local Walgreens Photo to fill in the pages. You tend to have so many photos on your digital devices that it was nice to hold actual photos in my hands.

As I put each photo in order from birth to her one-year cake smash photography session, I couldn’t help stop & stare at how much she has grown. So many things change in just one year. The photo book is an easy one for her to look at too.

Each book offers a unique, fun & memorable way to document your little one’s moments. It is fun to complete them & yes, they do take a bit of time, which is well worth it in the end!

Think of everything you will get to reminisce & look back on when you complete a baby book. If you haven’t started one, no worries. Make a little time when you can & one of these books will surely help you get started!

Take care,

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