6 Tips to Make Grocery Shopping Easier

I am not a fan of grocery shopping. It can be stressful, expensive & time consuming. It has always been tough for me to get a list made of the essentials for the week & come up with dinner ideas that we like on a consistent basis.

Once Scarlett was born, we knew we needed to make some changes in our approach to grocery shopping & eating. We decided to do baby-led weaning early on, which in turn, started making us eat better.

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For a little over a year now, grocery shopping hasn’t been nearly as daunting as it used to be.

I turned to one of my all-time favorite resources, Pinterest, for inspirations & ideas on how to make grocery shopping less stressful, cheaper, & more enjoyable.

These six tips have helped make grocery shopping so much easier. Not only do I not dread going grocery shopping anymore, but I actually look forward to seeing what deals & savings I can find.

1. Reference Recipes Your Family Loves & Research New Ones

I have created a few different boards on my Pinterest for all types of recipes we like & still want to try. I add new ones to my RECIPES TO TRY Pinterest board often.

It’s nice to try and find a few recipes that have similar ingredients so I am not spending a ton on extra things needed to make them. pinterest boards tickled scarlett grocery shopping

Once we have tried one or two a week, we will rate the recipe, add comments & move it to the RECIPES I HAVE TRIED board for later use.

I also have a secret board called staple items that have a handful of my go-to recipes when we are in a pinch or don’t have any ideas for dinner. Pinterest has been a huge helper in keeping on track with meals & being inspired by other mommy bloggers to do so has been super helpful.

2. Coupons Galore!

Coupons are your best friend & you can save a ton of money just by spending a little time combing through ads. It really only takes a few minutes to look for your essential items.

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One store that we shop at is our local Fred Meyer, as we receive their store coupons quite often. Many stores, including Fred Meyer’s & Safeway, have apps that you can download on your phone that allow you to load coupons to your store card. How easy is that…no need to clip any coupons.

3. Make Your Shopping List By Department

Everyone knows making a grocery list helps you stay away from unnecessary items & it keeps you within your budget. Making a list keeps me focused, on track & when referencing recipes, I will make a quick rough draft of what I need, as well as other goodies on a list.

Once that is made, I re-write the list by department. I have found this to be a life saver when going through the grocery store. No need to go back to one area if you forgot something.

grocery list by department making grocery shopping easier tickled scarlett blog

This is NO guarantee that you may have to go back once or twice. After all, we are parents with a million things going on at once!

4. Shop & Stick To Your List

Be sure you have everything you need before heading out the door to shop. Grocery list, coupons, water bottle & your little partner of course. With Scarlett in tow, I always make sure that we have our LILLEbaby carrier in the car for grocery shopping.

It makes it so much easier to execute & navigate through the store with our carrier. I get to show & talk to her about everything we are buying with the comfort of her right up against me.

Plus, it makes getting home with the groceries that much quicker!

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5. Put Up Dinners for the Next Week

Write out all the dinner ideas & inspirations for the week out on a note pad that you can keep on your fridge. This will be everyone’s visual reminder of what we have coming for the week. I don’t keep ours in order by day, as everything can change day to day.

We will usually chat about it the night before on what we want to make. Once we make that dish, we will cross it off and put a big star next to it if we were a fan. That way I know which to add to our weekly recipes later on.

grocery list on fridge grocery shopping easier tickled scarlett blog

6. Execute Dinners & Save Good Ones For Later

The most important part is following through on the meals & planning the ones that will work for your schedule.

For instance, we will definitely be making the crockpot on a night that we both work all day. Then, I will be sure to plan a night for the enchiladas that I have time to prep the chicken and put them together.

It is all about timing and prep. You can do it!

Do you have some helpful tips to make grocery shopping easier? What helps you when you shop with your little one? I can’t wait to see your helpful tips!

Take care,

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  • I’m in love with coupons! It makes momma’s life easier! 🙂

    • 100%! I love adding them to my phone or once in a blue moon, you can scan an extra coupon in store on items. Those are fun to find!

  • #5 is the lifesaver in my house. No meal planning works if I don’t have it written and visible!

    • We just started writing it & poating it and it makes you so much more accountable. Thanks for taking the time to read 😊💚

  • I do all of these except for the coupons. I don’t refer to my recipe board on pinterest all that often but we do have set recipes that we use all the time. With children with sensory issues, we generally have the same meals every week! My other tip is that I shop at the same place each week!

    • Having set recipes is so helpful and important 👐💙 we like to shop at the same place too.

  • All of this is so crucial in my house, mealplanning saves us so much money and I can’t imagine not having a grocery list. How some people go to the store without a list blows my mind! Haha.

    • Exactly! I left my list recently and made the husband send me a picture 🙂 and yes, saves so much instead of making numerous trips.

  • ashrupp

    I love the idea of commenting on recipes you have tried! We use the Paprika app to house all of our recipes because I find it easier to read them on there, and Paprika lets you adjust the servings easily. We use Todoist for the list and definitely sorting it by department is super easy when it’s digital. Thanks for the tips!

    • I will have to check out the Todoist app! I prefer things on my phone but it can get tough when it is so long. Thank you for reading 😊

  • Posting your dinners for the week is a great idea! I allow my husband to look at them in the morning and if he wants something different than what I was planning for the night, we just move stuff around. It works great! Thank you for these great tips.

    • Thank you for reading 🙂 glad my idea helped! Yes planning in the AM is a perfect and gives you time to change it up

  • yes!!! I needed these tips in my life! I hate hate hate food shopping will be taking all your hints and tips on board

    • Thank you Megan for your kind comment 😊 this definitely makes things a bit easier around here when planning the week!

  • These are such great tips! My week goes so much more smoothly when I plan dinners ahead of time! Also, love the tip to stick to the list – when I go without a list, it’s a disaster!

    • Thank you Erin! Planning is so important. Don’t get me wrong it’s not always smooth 😂 For lists, I like to type up small lists on my phone…to tough to do for a big trip though.

  • Hey great post! My other half does all of these things. He gets so irritated if I add to the list and it’s not written in the correct department haha these tips definitely make shopping with a little one easier.

    • Thank you for reading! Hahaha my hubby is the one who usually diverges of the list. They are always helpful though 😍

  • Hey great post! My other half does all of these tips. He gets annoyed if I add things to the list and don’t write them in the correct department lol. However I have noticed that these tips really do make shopping trips easier with kids in tow.

    • Yes it can get tough to go back and forth sometimes 😊 Whatever tips I can give to make it easier with the kiddos is GREAT! Glad these help.

  • I totally agree with all of these! I also make my list in order of department and also in order of how I go through the store. I do use an app called Grocery IQ which allows you to categorize your list, but not in order of how you travel! I also am obsessed with Pinterest for recipes, but I love your idea of creating a board specifically for recipes I have tried. That way I don’t have to go back and hunt for them! Great tip!

    • Thank you for reading and taking a moment to comment. I will for sure check this app out! Thank YOU for the new tips 😍

  • I totally need to start doing these. I especially love the tip about separating your list out by section. I hate when I have to backtrack ! Great tips!

    • Thank you! It’s nice to start with a handful of dinner ideas that you love to build a foundation around. We even include Breakfast for Dinner once a week 😄 I would love to hear back if any of these help you on your next few shopping trips! Take care Chevelle.

  • love these tips! I started doing the list making by sections and it makes my life so much easier!

    • Thank you! I didn’t realize how much of a difference it makes when it is organized that way. Don’t go changing the layout on me local grocers 😉

  • I put up my whole day menu ready for week, it makes things so easy! And I love deals & coupns, get a big smile on my face:)

  • Some great tips here. My biggest take-away — what a good way to use Pinterest. Thanks : )

  • I do so much better when I actually take the time to plan our meals out and make a list. The worst thing is grocery shopping with no plan and while hungry. Oh and with kids, that’s the absolute worst lol. I love your tips!

    • Thank you for your kind comments Misty. My toddler has been quite tough lately on our trips, so may need to try the Click List idea soon. That way you can order online and then just pick them right up. So nice.

  • Do you know what I Do? Order my groceries online. I do all my coupons virtually and avoid the supermarket at all costs. Great tips for either!

    • I have considered the online Check out…great tip! Knowing me I would forget an item or two. I don’t mind shopping, it’s all the planning and executing 😂

  • lists keep me on track! so i agree with categorizing by dept

  • Natalie Aubele

    I also sort my grocery list by department ! Great tips mamma !

    • Thank you! Who knew it would be so much easier breaking it down that way.

  • Each week on Wednesday, or “Ad Day” as we call it, my husband and I peruse the ads. We use a Google Keep list that we share for menu planning and shopping lists. I develop a 1 or 2-week menu based on the ads and seasonal products. I make sure to include prices on each item on my shopping list so I can keep a running total of costs.

    • Aw some great tips! I love using Google Keep for small lists, but may try it for my big outings. Price keeping us super helpful too!

  • These are some great tips! Unfortunately I was never able to get the hang of coupons but I use most of the other tips you mentions. I definitely want to try posting the meals ahead of time. Maybe then I will stick to them!

    • Thanks for reading! We just recently started posting the dinners and it’s really helpful. Quick to refernce in the morning and find something that works for the day 👍

  • alifeofauthenticity

    I need to be more prescriptive about my meal planning and grocery shopping. I’m a bit haphazard with it all. I like the idea of having a Pinterest board with recipe ideas and then referring to them when you want to make a recipe. I see great recipes and forget about them, but it would help if I just save them and/or go back to find them. DUH!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for reading! Yes the recipe board is really nice because you can write additional details like needed more of this or that. Pinterest is so helpful and addicting 😂😍

  • i totally organize by department, because thats how i’ll find it in the store anyway and its so easy!

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