7 Firsts of 2017: Memories with a Toddler

2018 has started off with a bang! Already one week in & the New Year is looking bright, busy & beautiful. With a new year & a little one, life is full of firsts. Her first smile, her first laugh, but what about the fun things, the events, and all the little in-betweens?

7 Firsts of 2017- Memories with a Toddler- Tickled Scarlett

Last year was full of firsts for our little family of three. As busy as life can become, it is so important to slow down and really enjoy those moments. We love to explore things around town, be with our family whenever possible & make an effort to have our time when needed.

For 2018, we made some New Year’s Resolutions that we can’t wait to accomplish. Stick to your resolutions to make it the best year ever.

We wanted to share our 2017 as a way to reflect, share & also a way to look to the future & what we want to do this year.

Here’s to new memories & remembering our firsts from 2017.

First Snow Day

January 2017

Our Firsts of 2017: Memories with a Toddler This was almost a full year ago! Little miss was 16 months old and it feels like forever ago. We had such a nice afternoon in the snow, playing, walking & taking it all in. It is rare we get a fun snow day where we live in Oregon so we took full advantage.

Hockey Game

February 2017

We love to follow our local hockey team, the Portland Winterhawks. Since Scarlett was born, we wanted to take her to a game. This was her first of three games we have now taken her too. We have another planned for mid-February with the in-laws. She has so much fun watching the games, talking with people around us & running around the Coliseum.

The best part is that tickets are super affordable! It is a family treat we like to do once or twice during the season.

Zoo Trip

May 2017

Our Firsts of 2017: Memories with a Toddler

We planned as a family to go to the zoo on Mother’s Day. It was the perfect midafternoon trip. Scarlett loved seeing all the animals with her cousins & the zoo wasn’t crowded at all. The weatherman predicted rain, but not one drop fell that afternoon. The zoo is right next to another attraction that we hope to go to this year!

First Blog Post

April 2017

I wrote quite a bit of content prior to posting & publishing my blog. Once I did, I knew that this was the path for me. I have always enjoyed writing, learning & helping others in some shape or form. Blogging is that perfect platform.

My first blog post, One Simple Gesture To Do With Your Child Everyday, is still one of my favorite pieces. My writing has changed a bit here & there, but it is exactly what I want to talk about with others.

Baseball Game(s)

Summer 2017

baseball game tickled scarlett blog

It is tough to describe the feeling that baseball brings to my husband & I. We both grew up playing the sport, played competitively & at state levels. My husband was chosen for the All American Team as a pitcher back in high school here in Oregon. We met one day in our cul-de-sac while he was playing catch & I decided to grab my mitt.

That was 17 years ago.

Now, we look forward to sharing the game with our little girl anyway we can. Here in Portland, we are lucky enough to have a few small league baseball teams that play throughout the year & just like the Winterhawks, tickets are not too expensive.

First Camping Trip

August 2017

As much preparing as you can do prior to any first trip, it all can change upon arrival. Camping was a bit trivial due to a new environment & little miss had no idea how to get comfortable at night. She had a very hard time sleeping, resulting in us not getting much either. Besides that, it was fun, full of yummy food, adventures & lots of family.

Trick or Treating

October 2017

7 Firsts 2017 Tickled Scarlett

This was one of my favorite highlights of the year. I made Scarlett’s Minnie Mouse costume this year & her cousin dressed up as Mickey. Her older cousin was able to come along & they loved it. Scarlett has a huge sweet tooth so we knew going door-to-door wouldn’t be an issue 🙂 I can’t wait for her to enjoy it this year.

What a year! We haven’t made any major plans, but here are a few FIRSTS I hope we can do in 2018.

Visit First Children’s Museum
Take a Road Trip
Visit OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry)
Water The Neighbor Flowers
Fly A Kite
Go to an Aquarium
Try a New Type of Cuisine
Visit Multnomah Falls & the Vista House

What did you do in 2017? Have any family plans or firsts that are coming up?

Take Care & Enjoy 2018,

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  • Creativity Sparkles And Stirs

    2017 sounds like it was a great year for you and your family! So much has happened! I hope 2018 is just as awesome!

    • Thank you! We had a great year…this year is looking to be that much more special with the toddler. Happy 2018!