Be Organized: Keeping Up With Everyday Tasks

To be or not to be organized, that is the daily question. Keeping up with the home, penciling in work duties & tackling everyday life mishaps can become overwhelming. Being a toddler mom, organizing doesn’t always come easy or as planned. That’s why it is one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018.

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I am making it a point to be more present, to be organized & to be human this year. Being organized can cover a wide range of topics & ideas, so it has been important for me to narrow it down. Focusing on daily items that can be tackled every day is where I have started.

What a difference just these few adjustments have made. Keep these in mind if you want to start down on the declutter road!

Make your 2018 about staying organized & staying on top of priorities!

Keep calendar & groceries needs up-to-date

Start the day with your personal & family calendar. Lay out the important TO-DO’s that need to get done that day. I finally found a planner inspired by Day Designer by Blue Sky that I love & works for me.

Our fridge calendar has been incredibly helpful. We keep main events on it, as well as our meal ideas for the week. It helps to have the meals listed to keep us on track. In the morning, we reference it & know what we want to come up with for the day. Having it be a dry erase board allows us to just wipe & start on the next month!

Be Organized Keeping Up With Your Everyday Tasks- Tickled Scarlett Blog

Laundry a day keeps the clothes away

Who knew that keeping up consistently on laundry would make such a difference? It has taken more mental effort than I thought. Keeping things sorted accordingly is important. Doing one load a day (when needed) has helped keep things tidy & clothes in place.

We also donated a ton of old sweatshirts, pants & clothes recently when I came up with our resolutions. That helped decrease the unnecessary washing of sweatshirts that the hubby wore once a day.

Be Organized- Keeping Up With Your Everyday Tasks- Tickled Scarlett

Those dishes can wait…for a bit

As much as I hate the dishes, they have been my first go-to. Why? Bust out the thing I hate the most so that it is out of the way. It has made things much easier & made my kitchen more enjoyable to have it cleaned up all the time.

Declutter & file important mail

After checking the mail, most of it gets recycled, but a few things usually need to get filed away. Keep all that extra clutter out of the drawers & stick them into a file folder. Every few days, make it a priority to get it out away.

I have kept just a few necessary items in this drawer of our kitchen. I can finally find something to write with without having to dig & maneuver around junk.

Be Organized Keeping Up With Your Everyday Tasks- Tickled Scarlett

What helps you keep organized for the day? Stay on track & keep tidy this 2018!

Take Care,

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Be Organized: Keeping Up With Everyday Tasks- Tickled Scarlett Blog>

Be Organized Keeping Up With Everyday Tasks- Tickled Scarlett