DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Toddler Costume

With Halloween right around the corner, it was time to get serious about a costume. It is one of our favorite holidays as so I wanted to create something special for her this year.

Scarlett just turned two so we won’t be partaking in the trick or treating festivities, but we will visit family & enjoy the evening with all the trick or treaters visiting us.

This year, little one decided she wanted to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween after we saw an adorable outfit online. For the cost, I thought why not come up with something less expensive and unique? Time to check it off our fall bucket list!

DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume- Tickled Scarlett Blog (1)


Red Tulle (add some sparkle if you want)!

White Foam Paper

Mickey Mouse Ears (or create your own here!)

Elastic or Waistband

Ribbon (Red, Red Polka Dot)

Hot Glue Gun

Black Attire (Top and Bottom)

1. First, raid your craft supplies. You may have some ribbon and gluesticks hiding around. Then, you can create a list of items that are needed from the craft stores or online.

2. Collect your supplies and start with the skirt. I learned some wonderful tips from a few expert tutu makers on ways to make it simple. First, if you don’t have elastic for a waistband, find an old pair of pants or shorts and use that waistband for the skirt.

Waistband DIY Minnie Mouse Toddler Halloween COstume

Find an old pair of leggings for a waistband!

3. Once you find a good waistband, it’s time to figure out how long you want the skirt in proportion to your little one. I ended up choosing 12″ which came up a bit long, but it gives her room to grow into it.

4. Find a piece of cardboard and cut it the length of the skirt (12″ piece is what I created) This part I found on Treasure For Tots blog. Wrap the tool starting from one side and wrap it to the other over and over again. Then cut at the top to make your pieces. So easy!

Cutting DIY Minnie Mouse Toddler Halloween Costume

5. Then comes putting the tool on the skirt. Start behind the waistband, pinch your piece together & loop right through!

DIY Minnie Mouse Costume Halloween Tickled Scarlett

6. The dots are optional, but for Minnie, they are needed! I figured out a size that wouldn’t overwhelm the skirt and went from there. Use a piece of foam paper to create the polka dots and use your hot glue gun to apply. I did a small circle towards the band and then added a few throughout.

Minnie Mouse Skirt DIY Costume Tickled scarlett

7.  A long sleeve black top and leggings will finish the outfit part of the costume. You cannot forget the ears though!

8. I found a pair of ears at Goodwill, but there was a pink bow on them. I removed it and added a tule and red ribbon bow with the hot glue gun. You can make them as well and here is a great tutorial from Moms Without Answers for that.

9. Any shoes can be worn, but we have a pair of pink Minnie Crocs that my sister found. We plan on using yellow spray paint on them…that is weather pending.

Did you create your little one’s Halloween costumes or do you like to buy them? Thanks for reading!

DIY Minnie Mouse Costume Toddler - Tickled Scarlett Blog


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