Enjoying Autumn With Your Family: Our Fall Bucket List Update

One month of fall has past and that means there are still two months left to enjoy it. That gives us plenty of time to complete our bucket list. Have you started your list yet?

Enjoying Autumn With Your Family- Our Fall Bucket List Update - Tickled Scarlett Blog

We have had the best weather this autumn and it seems unreal how much sunshine there has been in October. We go to the park at least once a day, the windows have been wide open and the color of the leaves have never been so bright.

Fall has been good to Oregon!

Right as the new season began, I decided to put together a fun-filled fall bucket list with all types of activities for the family. I wanted to be sure to make it family-friendly, as well as customizable to add whatever you want on your list. It isn’t too late to start one!

With the weather cooperating this fall, our bucket list has been much more fun.

There are events that I know we can still accomplish still & there are a some that may need to be bumped to the winter list. It has been fun crossing off items & writing down memories to keep. I hope your family enjoys a few fall events like we have.

Here are just a few of our favorites!

Enjoying Autumn With Your Family- Our Fall Bucket List Update Tickled Scarlett

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

We have been to a handful of farms & pumpkin patches this fall because it is a way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, the activities keep the little ones busy and we love being together. Oregon has some amazing pumpkin patches that we recommend visiting, such as Baggenstos Farm & Heiser Farms.

You cannot go wrong visiting a pumpkin patch, even after Halloween! Throughout the fall, farms will continue to have fall produce, pumpkins and all types of local goodies.

Autumn Fall Bucket List Tickled Scarlett pumpkin patch

Nature Walks

Who doesn’t love getting outside when the sunshine is out? Scarlett wakes up and before it is even 8am, she wants outside. Lots of jackets are in our future. Not only does getting outside give everyone a breath of fresh air, but there are many opportunities to connect with your little about your surroundings & what is going on in your world.

Talking to them about the changing colors of the leaves or the different shapes at the park, every moment is learning experience.

Nature Walks Fall Bucket List


There are still two months left of fall so there is plenty of time to print out and have fun completing your fall bucket list.

Enjoy your FREE Fall Family Bucket List!

What have you done or are looking forward to checking off your list this fall?

Take Care,

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