Featured Five: August Edition of Inspiring Bloggers

The second Monday in August is here, which means my Featured Five post has arrived!

Each month, I dedicate a post to five bloggers who inspire me and share my love of parenting, motherhood & all the other topics that are important to me & my family. Blogging has been such a supportive group of people that I knew from the beginning, that this post would recognize some of those bloggers!

Please welcome these blogging rock stars who have inspired me this August!

Lindsey LaSuer

-Everyday Above Dirt-

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Hey there, my name is Lindsey and I’m a fairly new mom and blogger, neither of which do I feel like a pro at. I have learned that being a mom is messy and imperfect and that is okay. The purpose of my blog is to share my real life stories in attempts to help other real moms not feel so alone or like a failure because they’re not perfect. That is exactly why I wrote Mom Bod, Hot Bod?

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Way before becoming a mom (like middle school years) I had serious body image issues. I tried to “fix” them myself by attempting to lose weight in very unhealthy ways, which led me on a viscous cycle that just keep diminishing my confidence and self-respect.

Even then I remembered being nervous about being pregnant one day and how my body would change.

I just knew that I wouldn’t be on of those cute pregnant ladies. Little did I know, a lot would change once I became pregnant with my son. I wanted to write this post to share a little of my story with you in case you have been or are currently in my shoes.

Mom Bod, Hot Bod?

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Alexandra Blackmon

-These Mama Moments-

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Hi! My name’s Alexandra Blackmon, and I’m the blogger behind These Mama Moments. I’m a new stay-at-home-mama to my two-year-old son and 4 month old daughter, and my husband and I just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. We are currently in Charlotte, NC!

I started These Mama Moments as a creative outlet after I started staying at home. I’ve always loved to write, and with two littles at home there is no shortage of anecdotes to talk about! Having a space to share what I’m learning, to share my experiences, and to commiserate with other mama’s is what I love!

These Mama Moments is a blog based on parenting tips, encouragement, commiserations, and laughs, with a splash of lifestyle.

These Mama Moments

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I was so preoccupied about childbirth during my first pregnancy that I didn’t really take the time to think about everything that would change post-pregnancy.

Naively, I thought our lives would look similarly, we would just have a baby in tow.

I wanted to write a slightly humorous post that explored a few different areas of life that completely change after having a baby. This post talks about 8 things that changed drastically in my life after childbirth.

8 Things That Change After Childbirth

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Charlyse Miller

-Real Life Real Mom-

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Hey there, I’m Charlsye Miller and I’m the creator of Real Life. Real Mom blog.  I am a wife, homeschool mom to my 5 children, and also a mentor and public speaker.  I help women overcome overwhelm and create a life they can thrive in.

At Real Life. Real Mom, you’ll find a mom who’s sharing her real life, trials, and triumphs included, as she encourages other women to do the same. Motherhood is a hard gig, the hardest I’ve ever done, and probably the hardest thing you’ve done as well.

Let’s uplift and inspire each other on this journey.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll also receive a free audio download that shares 5 steps you can take to start living a happier life now.

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I believe it’s important for us women to nurture and take care of ourselves, so we can take care of others even better.  That’s what the article I’m sharing with you today is all about. I’m talking about self-care and why it’s vital to thriving in life.

 I’m Going to Be Selfish for 21 Days

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Hope you enjoy!


Kay Grewal

-Nested Blissfully-

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Hello, I am Kay, the blogger behind Nested Blissfully. I am a mom to two kids under two so life is busy, happy and always on a roll for her.

At Nested Blissfully, I talk about Respectful Parenting, by which I simply mean treating kids as you would treat an adult, with respect and without controlling them. I am very passionate about healthy nutrition for kids. Healthy food habits in childhood is the foundation for a healthy adulthood.nested blissfully tickled scarlett

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In my article, Psychology Behind Why Toddler Don’t Listen, I talk about what’s behind the scene of a toddler’s mind. Why is it so difficult for them to listen to us? How do kids develop this habit of not listening to us?

Is it us who are unknowingly teaching them all these disagreements?

If there is one thing that is important for toddlers, it is your acknowledgement. You are very important to them, and they want to share their entire life with you. When they can’t express this, it frustrates them. Listening is a reciprocal behavior when we acknowledge kids and “listen” to what they want to share with us, they acknowledge us and listen to what we want them to do.

If kids are acting us to seek your attention, it just means you were unavailable for them in the first place, when they needed you!

The Psychology Behind Why Toddlers Don’t Listen

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They deserve your undivided attention.


Nicolle Brokaw

-Tales of a Messy Mom-

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Hi there! I’m Nicolle, a veterinary technician turned work-at-home mommy. My husband and I have one beautiful little girl and are currently expecting baby #2. My blog, Tales of a Messy Mom, provides new and expecting moms with the encouragement, information, and humor they need to make it through this messy motherhood journey.

You’ll find the posts at Tales of a Messy Mom to be more natural-minded, as they are packed with valuable tips and advice on gentle parenting, natural remedies, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and more.

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I personally love cloth diapering, because it saves us so much money. We don’t even need to buy any diapers for our next little one. Plus, they are just super cute. If you are looking to cloth diaper or are dealing with nighttime leaks, you’ll need to find a solution that will keep your baby nice and dry all night long.

In my blog post, 4 Cloth Diaper Nighttime Solutions, you will find 4 easy options to keep your baby dry throughout the night, without having to turn to disposables.

4 Cloth Diaper Nighttime Solutions



Be sure to check out all of these lovely ladies websites, articles & more! Afterward, come back and read my newest post Mistakes We Make In Our Marriage

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