Featured Five: July Edition of Inspiring Bloggers

The second Monday in July is here, which means my Featured Five post has arrived!

Each month, I dedicate a post to five bloggers who inspire me and share my love of parenting, motherhood & all the other topics that are important to me.

Please welcome these blogging rock stars who have inspired me this July!

Clare – The Tully Tales –

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I’m Clare, a new Mum to Jack and wife to my childhood sweetheart, Colm. We currently live in California, but we are moving back to our hometown in Ireland this summer (and so excited about it!).

I’m a homebird and love to be surrounded by my family, friends and furry kiddos, Scout and Atticus.

The Tully Tales is a lifestyle blog with a focus on parenting. As a rookie parent, I love to share what I’m learning along the way, along with tips and tricks. I share other passions too, including fashion, travel and home design.

I enjoy blogging as a creative outlet, and as a way to share experiences with others.

the tully tales tickled scarlett featured five blog post

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Motherhood has been the wildest, hardest and the most rewarding journey over the past four months. It has been a whirlwind of love, tears and dirty diapers.

I’m sharing the 10 lessons I’ve learned since my son was born, along with some advice.

10 Lessons I’ve Learned As A First Time Mother

I hope new mums can relate, and find solace that we are all going through the same crazy roller coaster that is parenting.


Andolina – Lessons From A Student Mom-

My name is Andolina & I’m the owner & creator at Lessons From A Student Mom. I started blogging in May as a way to use my creative juices (before they dry up) and hopefully start a full-time work-from-home income!

I just want to stay home with my babies, before they’re too big to care.

Lessons From A Student Mom is a blog for mamas. Any mama! I write posts that cover many aspects of parenting, parenting while in college, managing college, household management, and most dear to my heart, mental health.

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As a mama, summer break can be a stressful time. Especially for us stay-at-home mamas. There’s a constant struggle of what we can do to keep our kids entertained and happy all summer long.

Have you ever blanked out on what kind of things you can have the kids do? Well, have I got some awesome news for you!

No more whiny voices saying “Mom I’m bored!” or “Mom I have nothing to do!” Keep them busy all summer long, and spend no money doing it!

I’ve compiled a super-awesome list of 100 absolutely free things to do with your kids this summer!

No matter the weather, or the mood, you’ll find something on the list to do!


Amanda – Everyday Amanda –

Hi all! My name is Amanda and I come from a small town in Pennsylvania. I’m a stay at home mom that kind of fell into blogging. I told a friend of mine that she should start a blog because of her big family and chaotic stories she had.

Once I started researching to help her out a little, I ended up finding it interesting.

I started pinning and reading everything and anything I could find & finally took the leap in May 2017. I would describe my blog as a personal/mom/lifestyle/mishmash blog. It’s for the typical mom trying to get through everyday life with a little humor.

I overshare and hope I make you feel less alone in mommyhood! Because I’m just a mom gettin’ by on coffee and poptarts.

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Summertime, for a lot of families, calls for summer travel. A long car ride or flight for kids can be boring and make parents want to pull their hair out!

Keep those kids busy!

If we don’t want our kids on electronics the whole time, we have to get creative so that they don’t want to turn to the Ipad right away, even though it can be nice and peaceful. We also don’t want their brains to turn to mush.

I put together some summer travel ideas that I found and also use. 

And now trips are (a little) less “pull your hair out”. Because…kids.


Kelly – Hope in the Chaos –

I am Kelly and I run Hope In The Chaos, a site designed to help people find the hope in the chaos of their own life. The world has enough sadness and struggles – I hope to create inspiration and invite people to look for joy in the ordinary.

I don’t run a glossed over site – it’s just me, flaws and all, showing the world a different way to look at things.

I am a wife and mother to four wonderful children who I lovingly refer to as my “chaos makers”. They range in age from teen down to toddler and keep me busy!

A few years ago I left my job in banking to stay at home with the kids, and shortly after that we began homeschooling. Homeschooling affords us the time to devote to the kids own personal interests and talents. It has grown from just something we do into part of who we are.

Hope In The Chaos is a lifestyle blog, mostly my own personal thoughts on topics ranging from faith to family to homeschool.

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My newest post is entitled “Raising Helpers”. It looks at the ideas of teaching children from an early age to be helpers.

Raising Helpers

I strive to encourage my own family to be helpful whenever we can, whether it’s something quick and easy, or a more challenging situation.


Candess -Unsafe Foods-

Candess Unsafe Foods

My name is Candess & I am the Editor of UnsafeFoods.com and a Senior Trial Paralegal with Robins Cloud LLP. I am a mother and a food safety advocate.

My blog, UnsafeFoods, focuses on all things food safety – the science, alerts, policy, tips and tricks, etc. While not writing or saving the world one deadline at a time, I can be found channeling my inner chef or with coffee and a book.

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My recent blog post is about food safety and preventing foodborne illness when taking your family to the beach. Foodborne illness peaks in the summer months, and as our little ones are among those who are most likely to have complications after foodborne illness, I think this is a great way to help keep the stats low.

Food Poisoning is Not a Day at the Beach

Be sure to check out all of these lovely ladies websites, articles & more! Afterward, come back and read my newest post Why the 4th of July is My Favorite Holiday. 

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