Featured Five: October Edition

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The second Monday in October is here, which means my Featured Five post has arrived!

Each month, I dedicate a post to five bloggers who inspire me and share my love of parenting, motherhood & all the other topics that are important to me & my family. Blogging has such a supportive group of people that I knew from the beginning, that this post would recognize some of those bloggers!

Please welcome these blogging rock stars who have inspired me this fall!

Kassi Sherman

-Miles and Ellie-

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Hi, My name is Kassi!

I am a new(ish) stay at home of an incredible little boy who likes to keep me on my toes. Together, with my long-haired, bearded partner and our high energy pup we are doing our best to navigate this whole new parent thing. Between the little monsters diaper blowouts while only sleeping on my back in a carrier, and the dog eating almost everything in sight, we are slowly beginning to figure it all out.

I began my blogging journey earlier this year after responding to a girlfriend’s post on facebook. What began as a simple response to a question asking for advice quickly turned into what is now Miles and Ellie. While we are navigating parenthood one poopsplosion at a time our main goal is to help others going through similar experiences.

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This is exactly why I wrote 20 Habits of a Healthy and Happy Stay at Home Mom. I love being a Stay at Home Mom, but my goodness does it take work. Like from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to well past when you go to bed at night type of work. I, by no means, am an expert when it comes to being a stay at home mom.

But I have, however, picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that have made this whole SAHM mom thing a lot easier (and has made me a whole lot happier).

20 Habits of a Happy and Healthy Stay at Home Mom

20 Habits of a Happy + Healthy Stay at Home Mom 4


Alison Gatten

-The Holly and Ivy Mommy-

Hello, I’m Alison, a stay-at-home mom and the writer behind The Holly and Ivy Mommy. I have two beautiful little girls, “Holly Baby” and “Ivy Baby.” I’m lucky to have them and grateful that I can be home with them. My husband is a graduate student at The University of Toronto and I started The Holly and Ivy Mommy shortly after we moved to Canada. My hope is that the blog will enable me to continue to stay home with my daughters.

The blog gives me a way to offer my support, advice, and opinions (of which I have plenty) to other moms. I write about faith, everyday life as a mother, and how I try to look after myself. I’m very honest when it comes to talking about motherhood and faith because I think sincerity is so important and so helpful. I also share my perspective on mom style. I’ve always loved fashion and now that I’m a mother, I try to be stylish yet practical with my wardrobe choices.

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In this post, I shared a casual look for the fall that is comfortable yet on trend. This look can be thrown together without any ironing and is breastfeeding friendly. The minimalist style makes it sleek and sophisticated while the color of the cardigan and the headband lend it femininity.

Casual Minimalist Fall Outfit 

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Rebekah Lund Hiatt

-Man-Cub Mamas-

My name is Rebekah, or “Mama R” from Man-Cub Mamas. I co-write the blog with my friend, “Mama T”. We both have young boys and we share our experiences raising them. We talk about parenting, relationships, gender issues, and books. We hope to raise men who are kind and have a love of reading.

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There were many things about my pregnancy that we didn’t expect. Pregnancy is different for every woman. Some couples may find that there are very little adjustment needed during a pregnancy. Others will have to make drastic adjustments. In my case, helping my relationship make it through pregnancy was just as hard as the newborn phase.

Here are some things my husband and I did for our marriage to survive pregnancy.

How To Help Your Relationship Survive Pregnancy


Keli Garcia Allen


Keli Garcia Allen is a certified Spanish teacher and currently works as a Preschool teacher in a bilingual classroom. She is the Head of Content for Learn Safari and is currently working on English Safari, a game for children 4-10 years old who speak Spanish and want to learn English.

Learn Safari -Featured Five Tickled Scarlett Blog

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Parents, you can teach your children a second (or third) language even if it’s not your native language. Actually, you can introduce a second language to your child even if you don’t speak the language at all! It’s not magical and super easy.  in fact, it takes hard work and dedication. But it can really happen and here I will give you a few pointers as to how.

Not a Native Speaker? You Can Still Raise Your Child To Be Bi-Lingual


 Lindsey LaSuer

-Everyday Above Dirt-

lindsey lasuer everyday above dirt featured five tickled scarlett blog

Hey there, my name is Lindsey and I’m a fairly new mom and blogger, neither of which do I feel like a pro at. I have learned that being a mom is messy and imperfect and that is okay. The purpose of my blog is to share my real life stories in attempts to help other real moms not feel so alone or like a failure because they’re not perfect.

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I learn things on a daily basis about how to be a better mom and what I can do to make our days go a little smoother (and Lord knows I can use all the help I can get). Recently I’ve figured out that if I can have breakfast prepped and ready when my little man wakes up the day starts out on a much better foot.

That’s what prompted me to come up with 5 Honestly Easy Breakfast Ideas for Your Toddler. Because who wants to have a hangry toddler on their hands?!

5 Honestly Easy Breakfast Ideas for Your Toddler



Be sure to check out all of these lovely ladies websites, blog posts & more!

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