How to Enjoy Your First American Girl Store Visit

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Our family was invited and sponsored to attend the opening of the American Girl store at our local mall, Washington Square Mall. The store is reopening for a short time, just for this holiday season, and they are celebrating the newest doll that has been added to their BeForever Collection, Nanae Mitchell.

They gifted us a complimentary Nanae doll for attending and for sharing our experience of the event. I am excited to write my honest review of our visit with you & I have a few tips so that you too can have an amazing experience at an American Girl store like we did.

American Girl Reopening Event Washington Square Depart Tickled Scarlett Blog

The event fell on Scarlett’s birthday weekend, which made it an extra special treat. She had never experienced an American Girl store or doll yet, so we were really looking forward to attending.

We visited the store’s event on Saturday the 9th, two days before Scarlett turned two. The new store had just opened up that morning at Washington Square Mall, which is located in Tigard, Oregon, just off the freeway. It offers a wide variety of shops, boutiques and places to eat & snack at.

Throughout the year, the mall adds additional details for the holidays, as well as seasonal shops, like the American Girl store that we visited.

Being a holiday shop made it even more of a reason to attend…it won’t be there for long!

American Girl Reopening Event Washington Square Tickled Scarlett Blog Dolls

Once we arrived, we were greeted warmly right at the entrance of the store. The two employees then handed us a complimentary copy Lea Dives In. What a wonderful way to be greeted!

The store itself draws you in with its bright lights, red and white decor and the beautifully displayed doll collections, accessories and everything American Girl.

A few of my friends had visited the store right at opening and said it was fantastic & really busy. We couldn’t wait to go.  Due to work schedules, we had to attend later in the evening. This ended up working out in our favor. This is my first tip on shopping at an American Girl store for the first time.

TIP #1

Go later in the day. Fewer crowds allow your little one to explore & navigate a bit easier.

American Girl Reopening Event Tickled Scarlett Blog

American Girl was founded in 1986 and since then, has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. From storybooks to baby dolls, they offer an extensive line of dolls, accessories, and books. One of their collections, BeForever Dolls, offer dolls with coordinating books based on the time period she is in.

They have also expanded to TV movies, as well as personalized dolls to be exactly like your little one. The newest American Girl doll Nanae Mitchell is their first Native Hawaiian BeForever girl, and her story is based in Hawaii during the World War II era.

American Girl Nanea Doll

While walking around the store, you couldn’t help but look at every shelf, doll, and accessory. Scarlett was quite overwhelmed at first because there were so many fun things to look at. I have to share one of our many attempts at a photo of my mother-in-law, Scarlett and myself because it shows exactly how excited she was…there was no time for cameras!

She loved that they had a few pieces out to play with and explore. That explains my next tip.

TIP #2

Introduce new items to them in the store slowly…everything is very new!

American Girl Reopening Event Washington Square Tickled Scarlett Blog Stroller

American Girl Reopening Event Washington Square Crib Tickled Scarlett Blog

American Girl Reopening Washington Square Mall

American Doll Reopening Washington Square Tickled Scarlett (2)

We could have browsed and been in the store all night! I love how they offer such a wide variety of additional accessories and add-on items for your doll to make it that much more special. The employees did an exceptional job of setting everything up.

I can already tell a carrying case will be a must and the additional outfits are just adorable. No need to splurge right away, just starting with your little one’s first doll will make it a special visit.

TIP #3

Make her first experience unique with a doll of her choice.

Scarlett’s birthday was just a few days away so we wanted to wait to give it to her then. The moment she saw it, we knew that Scarlett was going to adore her.

American Girl Reopening Event Washington Square Reveal Tickled Scarlett Blog

A complimentary copy of one of the three books in Nanae’s series was included, so we purchased one more. We will have to get the other one for Christmas!

Our visit to the American Girl store at Washington Square Mall was a great time and we enjoyed our visit immensely. The details of the store and the dolls truly show when you actually visit a store in person.

American Girl Reopening Event Washington Square Shopping Tickled Scarlett Blog

I recommend visiting during non-popular hours, helping your little browse with guidance and letting them choose something simple for their first visit.

Have you visited an American Girl store? I would love to hear your experience!

Take Care,

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