Letters To You Memory Book: Second Year

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Since having Scarlett, I have enjoyed completing a variety of baby books and journals. Even when I was pregnant, I completed a beautiful memory book, month-to-month, that I kept and will be able to look at later on with her.

I found a book a few years back that I knew I was going to get, along with the pregnancy book. The book is called Letters To You. It is written by Miriam Hathaway and published by Compendium.

This book has such beautiful details from year one all the way to 18 years. You complete a “letter”, along with a few additional messages and memories from that year all the way to their 18th birthday.

Letters To You Two Years Compendium Book Tickled Scarlett Blog

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It is a unique keepsake that everyone will be fond of.

It is simple, fun & neutral. I love the idea of reading it through out the years together or saving it for their graduation or wedding gift.

Since we just celebrated Scarlett’s second birthday, I wanted to share her second-year memories and my letter to her.

Letters to You too- Tickled Scarlett

My Biggest Dream For You Is…

To always be there for others, no matter who they are. After a year of tough trials in our world and country, raising you has shown me how important love, acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness is. Keep building your empathy sweet girl.

You Laugh Every Time That…

Someone you love is playing with you. You love to have a great time. Music and dancing make you so excited that sometimes you start laughing and giggling uncontrollably. You love getting tickled and jumping on the bed. Of course, right before bedtime! You laugh when you are with your cousins having fun, like at the park or hanging out at home. You also are starting to laugh and understand fun cartoons, like Elmo on Sesame Street and Curious George.

I Was Excited When You Started To…

Talk and learn all new words! You have always been eager to tell us what your needs are, so starting off with signing helped you do just that. On your first birthday, you had a dozen favorite words, like Tuck-Tuck and Dada. Now, you repeat everything. You have great manners, with lots of pleases, thank you’s and your welcomes. You usually say them all together, back to back, which is pretty cute.

Some Things We Do Together Before You Fall Asleep…

Read lots and lots of books. We cannot get enough of reading and all the fun we have when doing it. This year, you were much more engaged with your books. After some snuggles in our pajamas with books, we then brush our teeth while listening to the Elmo song. You love it & stay nice & still for Dada and Mama. We then say goodnight to pictures, Tucker and Daddy’s disc golf discs. We then sing our ABC’s, tuck you in with lots of love & off to sleep you go.

One Thing I Will Always Remeber About This Year…

Watching you help others. You have such a kind and sweet heart. Whether someone is hurt or sad, you go to comfort them. Always keep this loving trail and never change that. Empathy is very hard to come by these days.

My Letter To You

Dear Scarlett,

After another year, I can say that I am the luckiest Mommy in the world. Since you were born, your sweet demeanor has radiated. As you grew this year, you learned more independence, more vocabulary and you learned that the world is much bigger than just your home. After this year, I wanted to make a list of your best and most unforgettable moments.

Your first birthday celebration

Meeting Santa again and not digging him

Experiencing snow days with Mommy & Daddy

Watching Hockey and loving it

Coloring art at school is your favorite

Celebrated cousin Alex’s first birthday

Cousin Joey’s birthday was right afterward

Cardiology appointment went great

Your first zoo trip on Mother’s Day

first zoo trip letters to you tickled scarlett blog

Ready for summertime in 18-month gear

Lots of park and water time this summer

4th of July parades & fireworks were fun

Baseball games galore

Your first camping trip with family

Celebrated turning 2

This year has been so special. Your Daddy and I are so proud and can’t wait to watch you grow.

Love Always,


Do you have a special memory book you keep for your little ones?

Here are my 5 Unique Styles of Baby Books that you can start on today…it is never too late to start writing down those special moments.

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  • This is such a sweet thing to do for your daughter. Journaling definitely takes discipline, so I completely commend your sticking with it on top of all the demands of motherhood. These letters will surely be treasured!

    • Thank you for the very kind compliment, Kate. I think the fact I know we are having only her makes me more driven to make the books special. I appreciate the kind words. Take care!

    • Katie Bressler

      Thank you for the very kind compliment, Kate. I think the fact I know we are having only her makes me more driven to make the books special. I appreciate the kind words. Take care!

  • Jodie Ward

    Oh my goodness this is adorable! I should definitely do something like this.

    • Katie Bressler

      Hi Jodie! Thank you for reading. Memory book are so special and being able to look at them for years to come is what I loo forward to. Never too late to start one!

  • Brenda Kosciuk

    Love this book! I love documenting about my kids in different ways!!

    • Katie Bressler

      I agree, it is such a neat way to document something for your little ones. Compendium has some beautiful pieces!

  • Jenn Goggin

    I LOVE this idea of the letters/book! She will be so happy you did this when she is older and can look back on your written love for her!

    • Katie Bressler

      Thank you Jenn for the kind words. I do hope she enjoys it…I can’t wait to keep it through out the years.

  • Anisa Mkwanazi

    What a great idea ! Memories to look back in as she gets older

    • Katie Bressler

      Thank you Anisa! It is fun doing different styles of books besides just a baby book. I did that too… I love them all!

  • This is such a great idea! I love it! If only I didn’t have an 11 year old almost teen this would be perfect for him. Haha.

    • Katie Bressler

      Yes maybe a different, fun book now that he is becoming a teen or when he starts high school? I have seen a few fun ideas. Thanks for sharing Mama!

  • Erica Seale

    This is sweet! I always wanted to do something like this with my daughter, but never got around to it! I’m definitely doing this with baby no. 2! And starting my daughter’s now. Better late than never.

    • Katie Bressler

      Thanks Erica for reading! I tend to forget little things, so I like having all kids of books, calendars and fun things to complete like this. Yes, never too late!

  • Morgan Tone

    I love this book! This is so special and she will cherish it forever.

    • Katie Bressler

      Thank you so much Morgan for the kind words. I so hope so…she tried to already add an entry 🙂