Give Love Languages Instead of Gifts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is this week. If you are like my husband and me, we are not ones to celebrate this hallmark holiday. Too many expectations for a day that is supposed to be about love & being together, but now has become a day about spending tons of money on flowers & chocolate. It has turned into a “gifting” holiday & Valentine’s Day for me is more about showing your gratitude in a small way. Showing love through the 5 Love Languages is more our route.

Haven’t heard of the Five Love Languages? Dr. Gary Chapman created these five expressions as a way to explain how we want love portrayed to us, as well as how we express it to others. They are Quality Time, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Physical Touch & Words of Affirmation.

From spending time together to receiving sentimental gifts, these languages craft our relationships for the better & can be for the worst if they go unfulfilled.

Why not do a little something on Valentine’s Day for your loved ones that don’t cost a lot? No roses & no chocolates here, just unique ideas based on your partner & kid’s love languages.

Gift the 5 Love Languages this Valentine’s Day!

Quality Time

If your special someone enjoys quality time, give them your undivided & uninterrupted time this Valentine’s Day.

Watch their favorite movie

Play a board game together

Draw, color & doodle all night

Listen to Pandora on shuffle

Picnic on the porch

Take a walk around the block or to the closest park

Give Love Languages Instead of Gifts- Tickled Scarlett Blog

Acts of Service

Someone that has Acts of Service as one of their languages likes when things are done for them, as well as acts of kindness portrayed to show they are appreciated.

Bed in breakfast

Coffee ready to go for the day

Tackle that mound of laundry

Put their favorite crockpot on for dinner

Finish “that one” project around the house

Fill up their gas tank & get the car washed

Receiving Gifts

This is one of my main languages because I really enjoy gifting to others, but I also enjoy receiving them & knowing they are thinking about me. Sentimental gifts, like handmade items, mean the WORLD to me.

Make a homemade Valentine’s card

Bake their favorite dessert from scratch

Make a scavenger hunt to a framed photo

Hide special notes around the house

Create a keepsake gift with the kids

Give Love Languages Instead Of Gifts for Valentine's Day

Physical Touch

Holding hands, receiving hugs & feeling loved with physical intimacy are just a few ways those that crave physical touch can be shown love.

Cuddle on the couch

Give a random hug & thank you during the day

Hold their hand while out & about

Impromptu shoulder rub

Create a massage “coupon” book

Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation is a special love language because anyone can do it & it just feels right! Speak positive, affirming words to the ones around you to show them how much they mean to you.

Leave love notes on the bathroom mirror for the morning

Say I Love You the moment they wake up

Handwrite a card for their lunch

Post a loving message on Facebook for all to see!

Tell them how great they look that day

Do you know what your partner or kid’s love language is? Find out here & be sure to spread the love without gifts this season.

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/>Give Love Languages Instead of Gifts on Valentine's Day- Tickled Scarlett Blog