My Love of Giving Gifts: Celebrating Grandma

I am lucky enough to say that I love my in-laws. I have three sets to be exact, as my husband’s parents have been divorced & remarried on a few occasions. They are kind, generous, fun to be around & they have always been there for us. Now that we have Scarlett, I must say it, it takes a tribe to raise a village. I once overheard a Grandma talking about her new granddaughter & how lucky she is to be involved in her life & how much work it is. She stated, “how I wish I had that support.” I get to say I do.

This past weekend, we were fortunate enough to spend time with my husband’s side of the family. We make it a priority to have Sundays as a family day, whether that is just us three together or with others. Either way, it’s our special day that I will never trade anything for. This weekend wasn’t just another Sunday event. We were there to celebrate Nana’s birthday! We planned a barbeque with some extra goodies at their home, but kept it low key with just the family.

The sunshine even came out!

scarlett sunshine My Love of Giving Gifts & Celebrating Grandma

Celebrating birthdays are extra special to me because I love giving gifts! I have always been a gift giver. It’s just my nature. It is more than just shopping for things or making a unique gift from scratch. I enjoy finding something that will be meaningful to them.

I like making people feel special because they are, especially those around me.

I have an eye for searching & finding unique, specialty goodies, even if there isn’t a reason to celebrate or get a present for someone.  For me, it’s a feeling of nostalgia when you spot that perfect item & once you do find it, memories with them come flooding in. They are special to me in some way & giving them something is my way of showing it. My husband giggles at me because even on our honeymoon, I was looking & wanting to buy gifts to bring back to others. At that point, I had only purchased a towel for myself because I left ours at the resort!

When I talk about gift giving & giving to those I love, I like to reference and talk about the 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. If you know me or once you do get to know me, I cannot stop preaching about how important & how impactful Dr. Gary Chapman’s message is. He discusses love, love in relationships & the ways that we can portray & receive love.  One of those languages are receiving gifts, as well as acts of service.

“There is an intangible gift that sometimes speaks more loudly than a gift that can be held in one’s hand.  I call it the gift of self or the gift of presence.  Being there…speaks loudly to the on whose primary love language is receiving gifts.” ― Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate

nana and scarlett togetherMy Love of Giving Gifts & Celebrating Grandma

Time can even be a gift. Even if that something is tangible or not, its meaningful in the moment. It shows them that you were thinking about them.  My primary love language is quality time. Doing something with me or being with me is my favorite gift of all.  Quality time is huge for us and anytime it is with family, it is a plus.

With my Mother-in-Law, this love language couldn’t be any truer. She tells us that she just wants to be with us whenever possible. We are fortunate enough to have her help us throughout the week by watching Scarlett at least once or twice, and she is always there for us when we need her. Since the beginning of April, we had been discussing what we could get her. It is too tough not to get her numerous things because again, she does more than enough for us.

We decided to take my MIL to a Portland Winterhawks game earlier in the month with us & Scarlett, which they both enjoyed. A few weeks later, we treated ourselves & her to dinner on a Friday night. We both worked & Grandma had little one all day, so we picked up sandwiches from the best sandwich shop in town.

It is the little things that make the difference.

water play tickled scarlett My Love of Giving Gifts & Celebrating Grandma

The day we celebrated her birthday, we couldn’t help but get a wildflower for her new, raised garden bed. I can’t show up without anything! We also made a card at home & Scarlett drew in it. Personal, homemade gifts are even more special & fun to do. These gifts really take some extra time & that always shows.

The afternoon ended up being the perfect Sunday with water play, love & gift giving. Do you like gift giving as much as I do? Try giving someone something small & special this week and see what a difference it makes for them & you.

Take care,

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