My Weekend Event: BabyFest! NW! Baby Shower

This Mother’s Day weekend, I did something a bit different then my daily routine of managing the store front. My owner & I had the opportunity to participate in a huge event in Portland known as BabyFest! NW! The Biggest Baby Shower Event in the Northwest.

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The event consisted of hundreds of vendors, shops, small business owners & educators who were there to talk about all things baby & toddlers! You could find everything from babywearing to big gear, cloth diapers to cute, handmade outfits. They had workout classes going, raffles for strollers & tons of demonstrations!

It was a one day event the day before Mother’s Day, so the atmosphere was upbeat & a lot of fun!babyfest nw event tickled scarlett

The shower took place this last Saturday, May 13th at the Oregon Convention Center. New,expecting parents, family members & friends could pre-purchase tickets prior to the event, which allowed them to receive early access & premium swag bags full of goodies for Mom, baby & family! Our boutique was gifted couples passes to sponsor a giveaway so some of our customers could attend the shower! We were fortunate enough to give out a handful of the tickets & saw our winners at the event, as well as some of our frequent shoppers.

The planning of our booth, what to bring & the execution of it all were the biggest items for us to tackle. We carry a wide variety of products in our store & the age range starts at newborn & goes all the way to toddler years. Luckily, my owner had been to the event the year prior, so she had a general idea of the items & goodies that parents were looking for!

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Every year, more baby & toddler products are added to the market, which can become quite overwhelming for any parent! We wanted to be sure to bring items & gear that is most useful for newborn parents, so we left out goodies more important down the road, such as toddler feeding & teethers.

Expecting & new parents don’t need to be overwhelmed with too much at the beginning. 

We decided to bring our more unique, specialty items that we love & have used as parents. We carry items that you can’t really find locally, that consist of great quality & have their own ordinary style. It was good to have a variety of items from big gear to baby books. It is fun when people recognize the brands we carry from afar, such as Lucy Darling & Dockatot. We hear such great feedback from these collections, as well as the infamous Wubbanub & Baby Tula blankets & carriers.table baby items tickled scarlett

After we talked with numerous couples & expecting mom’s, it was amazing to hear how many of them had traveled from out of town to this event. There were people from within the state, such as Salem & even as far as Bend. There were a handful of people that just so happened to be in the area the same weekend as the event. One couple was from Seattle, Washington, while another was from Phoenix, Arizona!

Many couples told us how they had seen our table products & travel stroller systems on Instagram & Facebook, but had never experienced them in person. That is why we participate in events & shows like this. With baby gear, it helps when you can see the products, try them out & find out what works best for the entire family!

Our boutique is unique in that way as we offer the entire customer experience with a wide knowledge base on all things we carry & numerous floor models to see & try out the products. We help give parents & caregivers peace of mind when making a final decision on their little one’s needs, from birth to toddler.

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When walking around & observing the booths that had participated, it’s interesting how in just one year, the baby & toddler arena has changed dramatically. From new innovative products, to upgrades in everyday needs, like the travel system, these items will continue to evolve for the better. With the continuing trends changing & growing, this type of event helps boutiques like us, small businesses & vendors showcase the ever-evolving world of babies & parent’s needs & wants!

Take Care,

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