Stress Free Grocery Shopping List & Weekly Menu Printable

Stress Free Grocery Shopping List & Weekly Printable- Tickled Scarlett Blog

Stress Free Grocery List & Weekly Printable - Tickled Scarlett Blog

Grocery shopping can be stressful. The planning, the execution & the preparation of it all is daunting, but we somehow get it done. There was a point where I hated going grocery shopping & very rarely meal-planned. Since having my daughter, major things have changed. I now take simple steps to make sure that our trips are enjoyable, we have meals planned that we love & dinners are ready to go for the whole week (or even two!)

6 Tips For Grocery Shopping Success!

In my post 6 Tips To Make Grocery Shopping Easier, I shared some of the ways I get prepped for shopping and what keeps us on track during the week.

  1. Reference recipes you love on Pinterest & find a few new ones to try out.
  2. Hop online for digital coupons & clip coupons for extra savings.
  3. Make your shopping list according to departments to make your trip flow
  4. While shopping, stick to your list so you have an idea of your budget and avoid getting things you don’t need.
  5. Be sure to place your weekly menu so that everyone sticks to it & can help prepare meals.
  6. Execute your delicious meals and save the ones you love for later!

Your List, Your Way

This grocery list & weekly menu printable has many elements for you to make it your own. Print out a few for each week or place it in a fun picture frame. Then, use it with reusable markers. What a cute idea!

Weekly Menu View Tickled Scarlett Blog

I want to help make grocery shopping more enjoyable, not stressful.

Right below, enter your details and get your FREE Grocery List & Weekly Menu. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Enjoy and I am happy to help make life a bit easier!

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  • Hey katie, first off I wanna say I love your blog color scheme and header! So stinkin cute 💖 I’m a sucker for red. 2nd that grocery list printable is such a great idea! It’s really cute too. I don’t have a printer and don’t get to go out much or else I’d be all over that. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words about my blog! My little ones name is Scarlett so the red is quite fitting. My next step is to create some type of refillable list. Would be so nice to have!

      • That’s a great idea! 😊 And a beautiful name for your daughter. I like how you tied her into your business in such a simple way. Our babies are always there at heart.

  • What a great printable! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you Emily for taking a moment to read. I hope the printable and my tips help!

  • Dana Fridenstine

    Awesome printable! It’s so easy to forget things or pile up your cart with what you don’t need!

    • I appreciate the comment Dana. I have a tendency to forget items on the list, but its good to stay on track and get the essentials first!

  • Magen Daniella Golden

    Planning is so important before grocery shopping. I don’t know how people go shopping without list or even an idea on what they are going to cook.

    • I have had to have the hubby take a photo for me a few times when I have the left the list at home! It is so crucial to have on hand. Thank you for reading!

  • Ghada Karam

    Love those tips. Simple to remember and straight to the point ! Love your signature at the end too 😉