Summer Activities for Families & Toddlers

Summertime has officially started here in Oregon with temperatures this past weekend in the low 100’s.

The hot weather means lots of outdoor activities, water play & popsicles. Now that Scarlett is a toddler, we can enjoy a handful of things that we couldn’t do when she wasn’t walking.

The Pacific Northwest offers a variety of activities for the summer months & no matter what the weather is, you can always find something to do to have fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if we still have some cloudy & cool days ahead of us, so it is good to plan ahead.

Not only is it nice to have some ideas that are weather permitting, but it is good to have some budget-friendly ideas on your list.

That way you can save a few bucks, but then you also have some activities you can go back to over and over again.

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I have created a summer activities printable for you to use with your little ones this summer. It is full of ideas, as well as a blank copy to write down your own events. Two blank copies are available to print for multiple children, families or if want to share with friends.

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Read on as we have a few of our favorite activities & tips we want to share. Your printable goodie is accessible at the bottom of the post. Enjoy our list of summer activities!

Go to a Baseball Game

We love watching our sports team, especially when the weather is beautiful. We are fortunate enough to live in a state that loves its sports, so we have a handful of college and minor league baseball teams we can go watch.

The bonus is they all have a family friendly area that you can purchase tickets for & it allows the kids to run around. The tickets are really inexpensive too. We have gone to one Portland Pickles baseball game & we will be going to the Hillsboro Hops game on the third of July.

The tickets were $7 for each adult and Scarlett is free. Plus, they are having a fireworks show after the game! Two activities for the prize of one.

Library Reading Time – Cultural Pass Programs

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Who doesn’t love fun, interactive reading time? Most libraries offer different times & a variety of age groups to come play, listen & read with other parents & their little ones.

The Newberg City Library offers a Cultural Passes Program, which allows you to “check out” passes to local cultural attractions, museums & gardens. They recently added the Oregon State Park Pass, so you can check the pass out & visit local state parks for free that day, such as Champoeg State Park.

Be sure to head to your local library, sign up for a library card & check in to see if they have a free pass program.

Farmer’s Markets & Free Music Festivals

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The Farmer’s Markets have arrived around town & it is so nice to be able to get some fresh produce when needed. Our market in Newberg is every Wednesday from 1:30pm-6pm, so you have plenty of time to shop & try some goodies.

Even if you aren’t looking to buy anything, it is nice to just get out & browse around. I am all about supporting local, so when we can buy some fresh berries, we go for it.

Starting in July, they will also have Tunes on Tuesdays. Every Tuesday night in downtown Newberg near the library, there will be a concert with a local band playing with food, activities & music galore. It is completely free.

Ready to enjoy your summer? Here is your Summertime Activities Printable!


Summertime Activities for Toddlers

Be sure to read my previous blog post Weekend Events & Activities in the Pacific Northwest for even more fun ideas.

What activities are you looking forward to in the next few months? If you are visiting the Pacific Northwest or live here, what do you like to do in Oregon?

Take Care,

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  • A great list. I love that you included farmers markets. Besides being a great place to get fresh produce, they always seem to have this wonderful community vibe where nobody’s rushed.

  • Great list! We’ve been enduring 100 degree weather here in Georgia!

    • OMG! 100 is super hot. We are fortunate enough in Oregon to not have the humidity like you do in the South. Stay cool Mama!

  • Going to the library is a great idea. I used to take my daughter to mat times and activities as a toddler and she loved it.

    • We love the library! Ours is right next to the park so it makes it easy to take a quick trip over there 🙂 thank you for reading!

  • Souns like a lot of fun for the kids to spend their summer time .

  • These are great ideas, and not just for toddlers. 😊 My tween and teen kuds live doing some of these activities too. Thanks for more ideas for us to enjoy our summer.

    • Thank you and agreed! These could be for any age group. Enjoy the beautiful summer!

  • I love your ideas! I don’t have a toddler – I have an infant and 2 preteens but we love getting outside in the summer!

    • Two very fun ages! A few of these can definitely carry over to both age groups. Enjoy your summer with your little ones and thank you for reading 😊

  • ashrupp

    Great ideas! We’re going to a baseball game for 4th of july and a farmer’s market tonight!! Love summer 🙂

    • Fun! We can’t wait for the baseball game. I have a WEEKEND OFF for the first time in forever so a Farmer’s Market may happen Saturday!

  • This is an excellent idea. I have preteens and an infant but I will still use some of these ideas! We love getting outside in the summer.

  • I love these ideas! I have 2 preteens and an infant but we love getting outside in the summer!

  • Some great ideas. I never thought to take my little to a Baseball game and we have a championship here in town every year. I will try that!

    • It is a lot of fun, even if they just want to run around 😊 she was free!

  • Hitting the playground and waterpark has been our top priority this summer! We cant get enough of it and with summer days quickly ending, I imagine you’ll find us there all august.

    • Very much so! We love water play & she just got comfortable splashing around in Nana & Papa’s pool. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer and thank you for taking a moment to read 🙂

  • The Salty Mamas

    I love that you can check out passes from your local library! What an amazing idea. I’m salty our library doesn’t offer it- we use it for everything else, I’d love to add something like that to the list!

    • Thank you for reading. We have a few fun options to choose from, like an Aviation Museum and the Portland Japanese Gardens 😍❤ My Mom shared the idea with me from her library years ago, so we love to mention it to everyone if they have them. Hope yours does soon!