Turning 30: I Know Who I Am, But I Don’t Know What To Be

This last weekend was my 30th birthday. With 30 years down & plenty more to live, I feel like I am at a crossroads in my life. Did I take the right path to get here and now where do I go? Where will my family & I be in five years?

Is it wrong that I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up?

These questions have been circling me for years & seem to resurface time & time again. The week leading up to the big day, that is all I could think about. But with family, friends & loved ones around, all of that chaotic thinking went to rest for the day. Turning 30: I Know Who I Am, But I Don't Know What To Be Tickled Scarlett In my recent post, I had made a small hint about a major life change headed our way. No, we aren’t expanding the trio. At this time, it is time to pursue & look into other career opportunities. Everything happens for a reason &  whether I continue on my current journey for a bit is undetermined. To say the least, I am starting to open my horizons to new ideas & to see what is out there again. I have struggled with my career choice since college. It was when I realized that becoming a teacher was just not feasible. After graduating, I focused on building my career & skills instead of Graduate school. That led me to multiple positions in management & customer service, but I continued to seek fulfillment in my life & what job I had. Still to this day, I am searching for this.

What I need to continue to do is look at who I am, what I offer as a person & what I love.

I created my “I Am” list for many reasons. I feel stuck one day & inspired the next. What am I supposed to do? Who am I? I am at a crossroads & looking at my strengths has helped me look at who I am. It is important to do so more than often.

I Am…

The Only Me

A Partner & Wife

A Mother Daughter to 2.5 year old Scarlett & she is the inspiration behind our blog name.

A Daughter

A Sister

A Friend

A Colleague

Educated I attended Portland State University & received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Social Sciences with a minor in Psychology.



An Entrepreneur



Multipotentialite New to me, but you HAVE to see this if you aren’t sure like me what I am going to do with my life, as far as a career, if ever! She is speaking to me & about me.

A Good Listener



A Leader & Follower

Loud I talk loud & I get excited easily. It was helpful back in my Cheerleading days!


A Giver


Organized (working on it every day!)



Bad At Pressing “Send” Please don’t be upset at me 3 hours after receiving my message! I am bad at pressing the send button.

A Helper

A Go-Getter


Turning 30_ I Know Who I Am, But I Don't Know What To Be I hope my list inspires you to look at who you are & to see how many strengths you have. It is also important to see flaws as well because they define us. In those tough moments, write at your qualities & your strengths. Know that you are worth it & capable. We don’t all know what we are or want to be when we grow up, but we do know who we are.

Take Care,

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Turning 30 I Know Who I Am, But I Don't Know What To Be- Tickled Scarlett

Turning 30 I Know Who I Am, But I Don't Know What To Be- Tickled Scarlett Blog