Unique Birthday Gifts That We Forget About

In September, we have celebrated four family birthdays. That is a birthday a week and it seems like it is never ending! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party and gift-giving. If you know anything about me, I enjoy giving because it’s meaningful, always fun & it lets the person know you are thinking about them.

With the holidays right around the corner, I have already started thinking about what gift I could give that is different & that the gift receiver would actually use and enjoy. I love to hand-make quite a few gifts, but shopping is always fun too!

We celebrated my husband’s birthday this week and while coming up with ideas for him, I realized there are a few things that anyone would be thankful to receive.

From gear to a night out, what gift would you be most excited to receive?

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Local Concert or Sporting Event

Do a bit of research before looking for tickets to their favorite band. Mainstream concerts these days can get really expensive, but there are a ton of smaller venues and event spaces that artists love to play at that don’t cost nearly as much.

Not into music? Look for an upcoming comedy show or sports event to gift to them. Attending smaller, local teams can be more economical than going to a professional sports game as well.

This was my gift to my husband. A Portland Winterhawks game this upcoming Sunday!

Scarlett is free and the tickets were very reasonable, before fees. They are an impressive junior hockey league that has some elite players and it is a lot of fun to attend their games. We hope to attend a few this year.

Band or Graphic Tops

Speaking of music & sports, you cannot go wrong with buying someone a graphic or band t-shirt. From vintage to new genres, you can find a fun top for any music lover.

Our family is really into sports, so any type of sports item gift is loved. We root for a handful of different teams, especially the Timbers and Oregon Ducks.

Their Favorite Accessory

If the person you are looking for a gift for isn’t a big t-shirt person, how about finding their favorite accessory? My husband is in love with hats and has just started rebuilding his MLB and NBA collection.

Unique Gift Items Tickled Scarlett

The fun part is my husband wanted something different, which in turn he did get some fun ones to add to his collection.

Unique Gifts Tickled Scarlett

If hats aren’t their thing, think of other accessories they love. Items you can never go wrong with are watches, shoes, small clutch purses or one of my favorites, fall sweaters!

Outdoor Gear

Living in the Pacific Northwest means there is no shortage of amazing outdoor adventures. From the mountains to the beaches, we have it all. You can hike, fish, hunt, beach comb and relax here all year round. We probably won’t ever leave Oregon.

Outdoor gear is essential when hitting the trail or getting the camping list together. On our last camping trip, we realized there were a few items we thought would make some great Christmas gifts for one another.

When it comes to camping, it all depends on your own personal trip & experience, so be sure to check with your gift receiver on the camping gear they want & need.

Unique Birthday Gifts- Tickled Scarlett

What unique gifts do you like giving or receiving?

Take Care,

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Unique Birthday Gifts We Forget About- Tickled Scarlett Blog