Be Human- When Did Kindness Become Defeating?

Kindness & optimism come naturally to me. I look for the best in people. Making conversation or helping others is a daily occurrence for me. In any situation, good or bad, a positive comes out. Regardless of one’s past or current mishaps, we are all people first.

What if my positivity has me guessing others & myself lately?

Be Human- Why is Kindness Become Defeating? Tickled SCarlett

I was a Girl Scout for most of my upbringing, which showed me how to give back, embrace what you have & help others. Along with Scouts, playing numerous sports showed me teamwork, discipline & how to work with others.

These activities, plus my college degree, has led me to careers in management, hospitality & customer service for the last 15 years. Not until recently have I noticed a change in people’s behavior towards my experience, positivity & attitude.

I have been made fun, questioned & belittled for being kind, positive and relatable.

It throws others off. When I say, “Hello, how are you?”, I can barely get eye contact. Is that too tough for people to actually have someone care and genuinely ask how their day is?

Our local grocery store recently redesigned the layout of the entire store. Everyone is having a hard time finding things. The two times I have overheard someone looking for something, I have graciously pointed where it is. I get this blank stare of why are you talking to me? As always, just trying to help!

While getting gas, the attendant laughed with a smirk & asked me what was I so happy about as he handed me my card & walked away.

Do we have to have a reason to be kind to others or a reason to just be genuinely happy?

In a society full of hate, bullying, and judgment, I can understand why it is hard for others to accept a smile,┬ákindness or a hello from a stranger. Let’s start changing that!

One of the most exciting parts of being a parent to me is teaching Scarlett to be selfless, to be human & to be a helper. Good karma comes back. No one should ever bring you down for being yourself.

Be Human- Why is Kindness Become Defeating? Tickled Scarlett

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be human. This blog is about sharing my experiences, my family & myself. In 2018, it is about being selfless again & never feeling defeated about being kind.

In no way will I allow my personality to ever feel unacceptable, awkward or uncomfortable. I will always be myself.

This resolution will be put to the ultimate test soon. A major life change is coming, whether I see it coming or not. If you have read this far, let me just say it is going to be for the better for all three of us.

Be Human- When Did Kindness Become Defeating_ Tickled Scarlett

Has your attitude or kindness ever been questioned or unwarranted? Never allow someone to try and bring you down. Be kind and be human in 2018.

Take Care,

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/>Be Human- When Did Kindness Become Defeating? - Tickled Scarlett

/>Be Human- When Did Kindness Become Defeating?- Tickled Scarlett