Why the 4th of July is My Favorite Holiday

4th of July has always been my favorite holiday & the start of summertime for me.

As a kid, there was no more school, no worries of having to go or do anything & the day was long with lots of activities. It always has sunshine, family, barbecues and fireworks. Everyone has a good time. I enjoy & embrace it for these reasons and so many more now that I am an adult.

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I know people have lots of plans going on this 4th of July, so I want to keep my story short & share something a bit more personal.

Growing up, summertime was fun with three other siblings. We didn’t have much, so we played outside a lot, made our own adventures and went on a ton of camping trips with our parents & friends. When 4th of July came around, summer was in full swing with good food, family time and the outdoors.

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We would go to the big, white fireworks tent and get a few packs to light off & then get a couple big grand finale fireworks to set off at the very end. Sparklers included of course.

Fireworks aren’t the main reason I love this holiday.

My parents had some tough love for one another when I was growing up. They had four kids at a young age, never a lot of money & alcohol addiction also played a factor. As much stress and hardship as there was, we had a lot of happy memories too. The 4th was always one of them.

I looked forward to the long, hot day with smoke bombs, pop-its & loved ones. It was a guaranteed happy day. A day to enjoy myself as a kid knowing that there wasn’t going to be turmoil or fighting. We would always make plans for this day, regardless of the hard times we were in.

Then, at 14 years old, my 4th of July would be changed forever.

After many years of battling with one another, my parents made their divorce official the summer I entered high school. My sister, brother and I hopped on a plan that summer on a toasty 4th of July night.

To “help” make the ease & transition smoother, we spent 2 months with my Grandma & Grandpa in Pennsylvania that summer. I sat & watched the mortars from a plane window. They were the size of a baseball from the sky. The plane ride was a long, but soothing one.

I felt a weight lift off my shoulders sitting there with my siblings. Though many would say that this would be a sad memory, I look at it is a sense of renewal. It was our refresh & restart and it just so happened to a fall on the 4th.

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Many years later, I am happy to have the relationships that I do with my parents. I love them both very much & they have taught me to be who I am today. One of the biggest things they have both shown me is the importance of being with family. They will always be there for you no matter what.

This Independence Day, even if you aren’t with family, remember how much you love them & give them a call today. It is a day to celebrate together & to create memories on this summer holiday. How do you like to celebrate today?

Take Care,

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